TTTEC Series

Since 2008, I have been receiving questions, concerns and requests for advice from readers and others. If granted permission, I share the issue with blog readers who are collectively called The Easier Crew. We endeavor to give sound advice and suggestions. In the attempt to achieve that goal, our discussions can become very spirited, but nonetheless, after over 2 years of the TTTEC series, the overwhelming response from those that have sent in their issues is that they benefited from it.

Below is a list of the TTTEC installments we have discussed over the years. Below them are installments from Talk To The Easier Crew Weeks 1 & 2 which took place in 2008.

If you would like an e-ear to share your deepest thoughts and secrets with, please contact me at solomonsydelle(at)gmail(dot)com. Your issue will only be presented to the greater body if you provide permission. In the event that you assent to sharing your story, I will make changes to your name, location and anything else that I feel necessary to further protect your anonymity. Thank you and enjoy the TTTEC Series Archive.

  1. Dilemma
  2. Suitors
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Bathrooms
  5. A Mistake?
  6. Mistress Insecurities
  7. What To Do?
  8. An Abortion
  9. Pole Dancing
  10. Revenge
  11. Jonathan Elendu
  12. UnGodly Addiction
  13. UnGodly Addiction Pt 2
  14. Marital Infertility 
  15. Conflicted 
  16. Facebook Wahala 
  17. My Mother Or My Boyfriend? 
  18. Sex, Marriage & God 
  19. Caustic Nigerian In-Laws
  20. Black Sheep 
  21. Porn 
  22. African American Girlfriend 
  23. Decision Time 
  24. Decision Time 2
  25. One Night or Forever
  26. Sugarmommies
  27. Impotency
  28. A Difficult Question
  29. Dangerous Love
  30. Blood is Thicker...
  31. Marital Pressure Can Ruin Lives
  32. Falling For An Illusion
  33. Mother In Law From Hell
  34. A Threesome?
  35. Hubby's BFF
  36. A Jealous Boyfriend
  37. A Procreation Dilemma
  38. A Father's Infidelity
  39. Of Househelps & Sexual Abuse
  40. Of Househelps & Sexual Abuse 2
  41. Alkali
  42. A Missing Ring
  43. C Section
  44. An Update
  45. Sex, Marriage & God - An Update
  46. Assault
  47. Of Househelps & Sexual Abuse 3
  48. Nigeria Bashing
  49. 419
  50. She Wants My Husband?
  51. Sis-In-Law Trouble
  52. Marital Distrust
  53. Doubt
  54. Sis-In-Law trouble: An Update
  55. A Thieving Relative
  56. Unwanted Pregnancy
  57. The Adoption Issue