Wednesday, November 21, 2012


All I wanted was some chin chin.

So, I fortunately visited and found a simple recipe.

I doubled the suggested measurements - afterall, I had to have enough for 3 children - and got to cooking.

My KitchenAid stand mixer did the heavy lifting. I rolled the dough out with my rolling pin to be an inch thick per the recipe's instructions.

The kids used cookie cutters to make interesting shapes, and Husband placed chin chin into the frying pan (which resulted in many a crispy piece).
Can you see the horse? The dinosaur? There's even a map of the USA in there (sorry, I do not have any Naija-shaped cookie cutters).

Bomboy made a propeller plane -


The Enforcer (who insisted that I make this post) made a cute teddy bear -

 The King opted for an umbrella - 


My daughter, TE, wants us to put chocolate chips in the next time we make chin chin. Wonder what that will taste like... I do think chin chin would work with ice cream though.
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. This is always my favorite holiday as we use this time to once again remember all that we have and must be grateful for.

Take care and visit for great Nigerian recipes. I will be tackling her Sausage roll next.


Arewa said...

Aww bless!! I still love reading ur blogs!!! Lol these children are something else.... Can't wait for my boys to grow older so that we can have a lot more fun.
Couldn't see the pics though :( ... Anyway.... Let us know how the chocolate chip chin chin turns out. Stay blessed x x

~Sirius~ said...

I started reading your blog when I was still single. Now married with a child (a hyper active 1+) I can't help but admire you and your entourage.

I hope we all enjoyed the chin chin