Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My daughter outed her stinky brother and all I could do was burst out laughing.

He farts, says "Excuse me!" and then tells you "Farting is good for you." (A nugget he got from my mother who thinks everything Bomboy does is glorious. *smh*

He rolls around in the mud after it rains and when I tell him to come wash up, he runs over to my mint plant in the backyard, grabs fistfuls and begins to rub himself. *sigh*

He has discovered that squeezing leaves from my lavendar plant makes him smell nice as well. *double sigh*

And he does not care if he smells!

And as for my daughter, who stays outing people, I shouldn't be surprised. She once outed her father in a terrible way at the book store. (Think flatulence, lol!)

These children sha, I thank God for them. They definitely make me laugh.

What about you? Did you out anyone when you were a child? Or have you said something very embarrassing as an adult? 'Fess up, I won't tell anyone. =)

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