Monday, November 22, 2010


My poor husband has suffered oh! No, no, not at my hands, but at the hands of his children. Well, if you ask him, he will try to convince you that he suffers, but I always remind him that he lucked out in the Naija-wife category. Whenever he even thinks of doubting me, I remind him of how dramatic Naija women are in general. He clearly has met my lovely mommy, Shine Shine, and has seen enough Nollywood movies to know I'm not lying. That always calms him down, lol!!!!!

Anyway, my children, who are all 6 and under in age, feel that they have a right to know where their father is at all times. As such, whenever he leaves, he is peppered with questions,

"Where are you going?"
"Why are you going there?"
"How long will you be at the golf course?"

And much more.

Frankly, I am happy they do it to him. All their nagging makes it so much easier for me. I don't even have to ask. The poor man is now 'trained' to simply announce where he is going so as to prevent the onslaught. hahaha.

Anyway, the other day, husband was not home for dinner as is his usual routine and you should have heard how offended his kids were. They fired me with questions as to the whereabouts of their father. And when I kindly offered, "Your daddy went out," you should have seen the wahala that followed.

The Enforcer, The King and Bomboy (now called "GQ", for reasons I will explain later) all reacted in shocked and delayed fury with a "WHAT????!!!!!" in unison.

The Enforcer was  the one who was most pissed off. As her father's first and only daughter, she has developed this tendency to boss her daddy around. Being that she knows what's best for her father *sarcasm*, she commenced with her line of interrogation.

TE: "Mommy, you said "daddy went out"? But where did he go to?"
Bomboy/GQ & TK: "Yeah!"
SolomonSydelle: "He had to go somewhere."
TE: "But daddy never goes anywhere. Oh, is there a PTA meeting tonight?"

There wasn't a PTA meeting, but their father was indeed at a PTA-related event, and to make my life, and his easier, I simply said "Yes."

To that the tension at the dinner table immediately disappeared with all the children saying "Oh, okay" and automatically calming down. I couldn't even laugh, but the thing was too funny.

My children are not used to  their father being out at night and that day, were not willing to tolerate his absence. Had he not been at a PTA event, I swear he would have been in trouble because those children were not playing at all, all. 

The irony of this all is that, had I been the one out, it would not have been such an, well, let's say, indignity. I go out more often and for longer periods than Husband. Especially when I go hang out with my girlfriends. Ha. Na wa. I feel bad for my poor husband sha. His wife doesn't mind him going out but his kids will not have any of it. 


But, how is everyone doing? Someone needs to give me an update on how Naija blogsville is doing. I am sooo out of the loop. See you guys and boy do I miss the Easier Crew!