Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hahaha! Well, of sorts.

Just watched Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" video and within minutes, I found this video. It takes a very cute Sesame Street song that TE and I love & laces it with Willow Smith's song.

So, I had to put it up here for posterity's sake. =)

I have to say thanks to Sesame Street for making a cute video for little girls who have natural hair. As the mother of a natural child, I appreciate it greatly. See video below.

And if you would like to see Willow Smith's video, see it at Young Black & Fabulous.

Friday, October 15, 2010


In today's installment, a young lady, let's call her Theresa, is seeking advice on how to deal with one of her brothers.

Please share your thoughts and ideas. Thanks so much.
I have two siblings - Ken, who is older than me by 6 years, and Peter who is younger than me by 2 years. Our father was originally married to Ken's mother who died when he was 4. A few years later, daddy married my mom and soon gave birth to Peter and I.

For as long as I can remember, Ken has hated Peter and I. We were never allowed to be alone with him. In fact, a housegirl was always around. Ken would always cause trouble. He would break plates for no reason. Hide my mother's shoes and even take my favorite toys and throw them in the gutter outside our house.

When Peter was only about 4 in age, Ken, who was 12 or 13 at the time, beat Peter into a bleeding pulp leaving our baby brother with a broken arm. I was out with mommy at the time and I can remember how scared she was when she returned and saw Peter in a mess. I can also remember how nervous I was after that. For weeks, Peter would sleep in my bed and not leave my side. Once the holidays were over, Ken was sent to boarding school. That brought some relative calm to the house but only until he returned on holidays.

So, for years, there has been animosity in my family. But particularly between Ken and Peter. I do not know why he hates Peter so much. The tension is always bad during Christmas when everyone comes home and we go to the village for at least a week. This last Christmas, Ken threatened everyone with a cutlass. Granted he was brandishing the thing in the yard and shouting while the rest of us stayed in the house, but it was horrible. And you know that the whole village gathered to see why the first son of the family was behaving like that.

And than 2 weeks ago, I planned a surprise party for my boyfriend at his friend's house. As can be expected, my boyfriend, Akpan, and Ken do not get along. Knowing that, I didn't invite Ken. Somehow, Ken showed up and caused a big scene. He started drinking, got loud and got into a fight with Akpan's best friend. It was so embarrassing. During his drunken rage, he was screaming at me as I tried to calm him down. He called me all sorts of nasty names. He then started shouting about how Peter is the golden child of the family and wants to take his birthright. Again, more embarrassing dramatics. Ken forgets that he dropped out of school while Peter finished college and is now getting experience in a bank before going to business school.

This whole matter is rather stressful and I have had enough. I'm not sure exactly what to do, but I know I have to do something. I am tired of Ken always being a nuisance. I am tired of being hated for unknown reasons. I am tired of always being stressed out whenever Ken is around or might show up. Please, give me some advice.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I just watched Bino & Fino's first episode with The ing and his little brother, Bomboy.

Never heard of Bino & Fino? Well, neither had I until someone from the Bino & Fino team stopped by the blog and left a comment in my 'Giving My Kids Some Culture' post (thanks again to everyone who offered such incredible advice). Thank God they did because I waited expectantly to see the first episode and the boys and I were not disappointed.

The boys were thrilled to hear the characters talk about jollof rice and chicken. You know that always makes my kids happy. I particularly liked how the program discussed the matter of Nigeria's independence. It also paid respect to the many other African nations that have or will celebrate their 50th independence this year, 2010, as well.

There were points where we laughed out loud, particularly during the interaction between brother and sister, Bino and Fino. Especially when she dared her brother to prove that there was no school. Oh, and when the kids were asked if they would like a stranger to come to their house and eat all their jollof rice. You have to see the expression on Bino's face. It was classic! The boys loved it.

I would say that although we liked the program, there is at least one change I would recommend. The 'voice' of the characters, Shola Dada, did a very good job. But for children as young as mine, ages 3-5 (yup, TK hits the big 5 in less than 2 weeks, yipee!), I would actually use a distinct voice for each character. The program's narrator pretty much sounded the same for every character. As someone who reads a lot of books to my kids, I know that changing up the voices and sounding more animated or high pitched for some characters versus others, gets the kids to laugh and encourages them to engage beyond listening. In the case of this program, distinct voice changes per character would get kids to begin to truly identify with and invest in the characters.

And with all that said, TK and Bomboy give this program two thumbs up. TK's had mud on them, as he ran in from playing in rain-created mud and Bomboy's thumbs had saliva on them. He manages to suck both fingers all the time. When you tell him to remove a finger, he simply switches to the other thumb. *sigh*

Best of luck to the creators and the entire Bino and Fino team. Me and mine are waiting for the next episode!

Monday, October 11, 2010


I had a very good life growing up, now that I think about it. I had a home, loads of loving family, friends, toys and fun. So, in retrospect, I do not understand why I ever considered running away from home. At the time, I was upset by the chores I had to do and thought I was being maltreated. Please, ask me what chores I had. My job was to clean the dust from glass louver windows. That was it! No dishes. No laundry. No nothing. My 3 year old, Bomboy, has more chores than I did at that time. haha. And yet, at 7 or 8, I thought I had cause to complain, lol!!!!

So, one day, I got the bright idea to run away. I thought to myself that I would simply go hide out in the garage for long enough to make my mom nervous and appreciate me more. I also was convinced that she would then cut out all chores (yes, the hefty one chore I had at the time) an never again give me raw shrimp to peel and de-vein (I will never forget that night. I no know wetin I take do for vex the woman sef).

And so, I announced to my mom that I would be running away. She asked me where I planned on going and I told her that I would go stay with one of our family members because she didn't love me. In typical Naija-momsy fashion, Shine Shine simply smiled and uttered the following words, "Oya, go."

I couldn't believe she called my bluff. I mean, how dare she???? But, I maintained my stiff upper lip and as I pivoted on my heels, my mother issued a simple warning. She informed me that no matter where I went, I would be returned to her house. And then she said the words that could only but instill complete trepidation in Nigerian children at the time. "Don't let gbomo gbomo catch you as you head off on your journey."

AHHHHH! I cannot lie, I was scared out of my mind. Gbomo gbomo were the menace of my Lagos  childhood and were known for stealing children and either selling them or using them as part of juju concoction. *horror* Still, I bravely went to the garage, where I drowned in the sorrow of my failed plans and cried myself to sleep. When I woke up, it was getting dark and I went into the house to have dinner. I was not chastised and thankfully, was not spanked.

My friend, Pharaoh O, told me about his own runaway attempt that is pure hilarity. The guy tried to run away at the mature age of 13. Not only did his momsy tell him to carry leg and commot from her house, but she also went through his run-away bag. She pointed out to him that the shirts, underwear, and trousers in the bag were purchased by her and thus, her property. Pharaoh O made it as far as the gateman's house, where he had to wait for his father to return from work. His daddy pleaded on his behalf and got him back in the house, lol!

What were we thinking? Some children really have cause to run away. Pharaoh and I didn't.

Na wa.

Did you ever consider running away from home as a kid? Did you try? *grabs popcorn to hear the sordid details*

Have a great week folks.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I sometimes tend to talk to a lot of people on Twitter. In fact, I don't know how I manage to maintain 3 or more conversations at the same time within my inbox. Recently, I was up to my usual, chatting with folks in twitter and talking to a friend over Skype when I received a message that threw me off. It went as follows:
"Lol I love d expositions n logical arguements on nigeriancuriosity loads! Life is good ooo! U av refused2fly me over as ur ekaette"
Now, let me admit that I can sometimes be behind popular 'lingo'. I depend on my nieces and nephews to keep me up to date. But, given that I was yarning away, I merely glanced at the message and opted to revisit it at a later time.

And when I did, I realized that I was upset and disappointed that someone would send me such a message. I mean, Ekaette, ke? First of all, the message suggests that this individual should be in a position to 'service' me. Shuo? Na so people dey talk to strangers nowadays? It's weird, guys hit on me, and I don't find it a problem because once most find out I'm married, they politely let things be. This message somehow made me want to go have a shower and wash the e-creepiness off of me. Seriously.

It's funny how disappointed I became once I took the time to read the message some days after I received it. The person who sent it is someone that I actually liked. I understand that I do not 'know' all my 'computer friends', but this message was simply unacceptable. I am however glad that it took days for me to read the message and that the statement was not made to my face. And, I know you are all wondering what I said in response. Honestly, I just didn't respond. I do hope that the culprit will read this post and realize that the message was inappropriate. 

Na Wa. But, what do you guys think about this situation? How many of you guys have been propositioned in this manner? I used to say Facebook brings out the worst in people and it seems twitter is becoming similar. *sigh*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My kids are funny and toothbrushes continue to suffer at the hands of my kids.

Why did I catch Bomboy using his Hulk toothbrush to clean his toilet bowl? And he was doing it in the presence of his big sister and brother who just giggled as they watched. He was using toothpaste which foams up delightfully and must have encouraged his efforts even more. The boy was scrubbing fiercely. When I asked him why he was using his personal toothbrush to clean the toilet, he just said "I'm working, mommmyyeee. Uhn!" (Yes, he added an "Uhn" just to emphasize that my interruption was unbecoming).


I do not know what got into him. After all, he was supposed to be preparing to go to bed. Our bedtime rotine is a simple process. We have it down to a science now. Brush teeth-use the potty-wash-lotion-get dressed-read a book-pray-tickles-piggy back rides to bed. Where "scrub the toilet with your toothbrush" comes in, is simply not apparent. But, in the mind of a 3 year old boy, that clearly made sense. *sigh*

(not actual pic of Bomboy's toothbrush in the toilet bowl)

I swear, I couldn't even get upset, frankly. I just told him that when I need him to clean the toilet, I will ask him to do so and that he must never again put his toothbrush in the toilet bowl. He agreed. But, for how long? Now that is the question.

Anyway, how una dey? Thanks so much for the suggestions on how to give the kids some culture. I have a little project coming up that should work to that end. Will let you know when I have a chance to breathe. Life seems so complicated and busy right now. But, everyone is fine, thank God and TE was "Student of the Week" in her 1st grade class recently.

I do have a question I want to ask you guys on Friday sha. I've been wondering about something and realized I should just bring it to the Easier Crew. Hmm, wonder if folks will show up to give me suggestions?

Okay, oh. Until Friday, my good people.

BTW, I'm talking politics on Vera's radio show this Saturday, so please listen in.