Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey Easier Crew, long time no see. I had to take a little summer vacay from TTTEC just for my own sanity. =) Anyway, it's back and I have a couple issues for all of us to discuss. Please offer some constructive advice to this young lady. Thank you.

Chinwe, Ada and I have been best friends since secondary school. We now live in Austin, TX. Ada and I are flat mates while Chinwe lives walking distance away. We spend all our free time with each other. These girls are closer to me than my own blood sister.

Ada has been sleeping with Devon for about six months. Me, I have never liked the boy. He has no ambition and works as a janitor at a local office building. He has no plans of going to get a higher degree and insists that he is going to become a rich rapper. So, instead, he spends all his time in our apartment, eats our food and never picks up after himself. Chinwe's house has been my refuge over the last few months. I do not know what Ada sees in him, and I have expressed my concerns, but at the end of the day, I know it is her life to live so I have stayed as quiet as possible when it comes to that relationship.

Unfortunately, the problem we now face is that for some reason, Ada got pregnant. She was afraid to tell Devon because he told her he doesn't want anymore children. That was the first  time we heard that he had children. Nevertheless, we insisted that she phone him and tell him. It was a speakerphone conversation and the minute she managed to tell him, he began to curse at her and soon hung up. Ada was distraught and Chinwe and I went to speak to him at his job only to be cursed out as well in an embarrassing public scene.

This was one month ago and although Ada has refused to go to a hospital for a check up, we believe she is approaching two and a half months or so. Chinwe is against an abortion. I, on the otherhand, an all for it. I do not know why she should have that idiot's child. Besides, Ada cannot afford to become a single mother. First off, her family will kill her and probably disown her. She is still in school, only has a small job. There is no reason for her to waste her life over a mistake. Chinwe keeps on trying to make Ada feel guilty and quoting Bible passages that I have never ever heard her use before.

This whole situation is destroying our friendship. All over a stupid boy and a pregnancy. And now Chinwe has stopped speaking to me. She says I am trying to destroy Ada's life and Ada has gone to stay with her. Am I so evil to encourage an abortion? I cannot believe that after years of friendship, I am being made to feel bad because I do not share Chinwe's 'all of a sudden' self righteous beliefs.

Please help me out here. The pregnancy is unwanted. Ada is only 22, and the so-called father is a lazy bum with numerous other baby mamas. What is so wrong about getting an abortion?

Something tells me that this could get people heated, but I beg, please state your mind but let's try as hard as we can to remain civil.

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