Friday, December 25, 2009


Hey ...Easier... crew,

Another year is quickly drawing to a close. So, here's wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Don't forget to show appreciation to the ones you love and be thankful for the blessing of seeing another year come to an end.

Merry Christmas!!

TE, TK, Bomboy, Husband and I pray that your life will be abundant with joy and the mercies of the Creator. So, enjoy the season and come back here next week for 4 days of updates from the TTTEC series.



By the way, here are 10 of the incredibly funny highlights of 2009 at the ...Easier... blog to tide you over -
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And one last one as jara... - I'm Going Into Hiding

What is your favorite thing about Christmas? For me, its lazing about with my loved ones and talking to friends and family. What about you?

Enjoy this wonderful holiday season!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Its the holiday season, and I am definitely in the spirit. So, I am starting my own little Meme. As the title above says, all one has to do is say something nice about a couple other bloggers. I am not sure how many bloggers to limit the meme to though, so let's say 5. That should do it.
So here are the rules.
  1. Name 5 bloggers
  2. Say something nice about each of them
  3. Tag them by linking to them in your meme, and visiting their blog to announce that they have been tagged
  4. Those tagged, cannot repeat any of the bloggers mentioned by the person who tagged them (sorry, that way more bloggers can get mentioned and not just the same popular ones)
I am also going to say that we limit this to Nigerian, and adopted Nigerian bloggers as a way of encouraging us all to go read their blogs and wish them a kind season's greetings message.=)

Okay, let me start,

*ahem, ahem*

  1. WAFFARIAN: This craze pikin na my babe! As in I will stop what I am doing (including breastfeeding a child or two, lol!) to at least chat with her for a few minutes (or hours) because she is an excellent babe with a great heart. She craze sha, but she can make me laugh on any given day!!!! Thanks babe!
  2. ADAEZE: She managed to share so much about herself in such a courageous way, there is no way i could not have the utmost respect for her. She comes across as a very intelligent and kind person, and i can only imagine that she is the same in real life.
  3. SOKARI EKINE: Another incredible blogger that is an asset to the Nigerian blogging community. I'm not sure how she does it, but she has been blogging about crucial LGBT, human and civil rights issues for a long time now and never seems to lose momentum, unlike some of us (myself included).
  4. GOOD NAIJA GIRL: I find her blog to be a very good one. Can you believe that the first time I read her blog, I got into semi-combative mode trying to offer a different take on an issue she presented for discussion? And, that is why i like her blog, it forces me to think and work harder. I especially liked her post about her entrepreneurial grandma. It was sucha  beautiful post that reminded me of all the hardworking men and women from my family and how much I need to be like them. Anyway, babe you too try.
  5. STANDTALL: The Madam the madam! Well, I personally find Ms. Standtall to be an inspiration and believe that one day, all the hard work she has done on behalf of young women will have a larger impact than she could have ever imagined. Unlike her, I am not a cat person, but she actually makes cats seem okay. lol!
Okay, I have started, so you ladies have to continue the meme. Please make sure you title it "Say Something Nice" so we can keep track of who might opt to participate. See you around!

Friday, December 18, 2009


The following is a sensitive issue, as you can tell from the title of today's installment. The reader is simply seeking advice and I hope that we can collectively give her constructive suggestions that can be of help. If for any reason, you would prefer to remain anonymous when you give your suggestion, please feel free to contact me at solomonsydelle(at)gmail(dot)com and I will pass your advice on.

My husband and i have been married for a while, and have a very great relationship. However, when it comes to sex, he comes way too quickly.

Before we met, i had fairly active sex life. But not so much for him, only maybe to relieve tension after a long period of inactivity.

He did tell me of his inadequacies before our wedding, and i promised to help him get over it since it was clear that it wasn't a medical problem but a psychological one.

To a great extent, we did overcome his premature ejaculation & sex was very enjoyable. We tried different positions, at different locations, as many times as he could manage it (am the energetic one of the two of us).

Then i got pregnant & consequently lost interest in sex which has brought us back to square one! Lovemaking, as u can imagine, became a chore for me. I couldn't stand to be kissed, caressed & especially having my breast touched. When we did it, it was cos i felt sorry that i was denying him, so i hardly took any pleasures in d exercise. Which meant zero foreplay. Consequently, he'd just about be done d minute he starts. That suited me in a way, cos the few times he tried to last a little longer, i nearly suffocated & he had to hasten up.

Still, it makes me very sad how bad sex has gotten between us, cos am imagining that after delivery we'd have to start working on our sex all over again!!!!!! There were moments of deep disappointments i really don't want to relive. Besides, i fear that what this means is that with every long abstinence, we'd be back to where we started. Lord, i'd so hate that. You have to understand that what am trying to avoid to getting to the mental state where view my sex-life with my husband with sadness. Not that i'm in danger of straying - not @ all - but i want to be uber-satisfied in bed, which i don't see it being d case if we have to constantly go through d circle of good sex/bad sex.

Is there anyway i can get him to consistently last longer? Nothing requiring drugs or shrinks, i hope. And another thing, am kind of tired of being the teacher in the bedroom. How do i speedup him catching up with me, & even overtaking me in sexual skills.


Monday, December 14, 2009


Yes, shaving is the issue for today.

No, not my shaving needs, but those of my 3 year old son, TK.

The other day, TE ran to tell me that her brother had been playing with red stuff. I calmly walked upstairs and saw my son at the top of the stairs. His mouth was red and it frankly looked like lipstick. I simply asked him what he had been doing and he said,

"Well, I just wanted to...I'm sorry mommy."

And then he disarmed me by shifting his head to the side and widening his pretty brown eyes. What could I do? I simply asked him to show me what he had been playing with.

We went into my bathroom and as I started to wash his face, the boy began flinching and I soon realized that the 'red stuff' was blood. I began to panic. I asked him what he had been playing with and all of a sudden the boy knew he was in trouble. I soon found the culprit - his father's razor! My son had tried to shave!

Turns out that every time Husband shaves, the boys watch him and sometimes, rub a bar of soap (the only thing they should be able to get their hands on) on their face to replicate the act of shaving.

I wish someone had warned me! These boys, I swear, they will not kill me =)

BTW, starting next Monday, I have a little meme that I hope many of you will participate in. Its just a little way for us Nigerian bloggers to share some cheer this holiday season with one another. Keep an eye out for it, okay?  Thanks so much everyone for the constant support and good wishes. Blessings to you all!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Writer, Ogo Ogbata, was kind enough to include one more winner in the Swagevent #1 and Myne Whitman, you get a copy of Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman!

I would like to say congrats to Myne. Please send your mailing address to solomonsydelle(at)gmail(dot)com as quickly as you can so your book can be sent out immediately.

Congrats to the other winners as well, Sting and BBB.

Finally, I must thank Ms. Ogbata for her grace and kindness in including a 3rd winner at the last minute.

So, Easier Crew, even if you didn't win in swagevent #1, there is another opportunity to win in swagevent #2 and that is for all the fashionistas. It comes your way in January.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yes, indeed. Secure your wigs and weaves, ladies and gents. You don't want this happening to you.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Okay, someone help me out here. I work very hard trying to figure out what to feed my children. Their food has to be interesting, yet nutritious, yummy yet good for them. I feel like I slave away trying to make sure that my kids get some good food in them. But, whenever my children go to a restaurant, the way they eat makes me feel very inferior.

I mean, TK's favorite restaurant (yes, he has a favorite restaurant and he's only 4, spoiled boy), is an Indian restaurant called Sapphire. It's so wild because they know us there. My son goes there and starts eating eh, you just want to ask him to take a break and breathe. He wolfs the food down, always!

TE, abeg, that one is a diva, so you already know how the story goes, shebi? The other afternoon, she asked me where her father was. When I told her he was on the golf course, she asked if she could call him. Being that she knows how to dial her father's number (not mine), she called her father and without saying hello or how are you, she demanded, "Daddy, I want to go get some jollof rice!" Yes, those were her exact words. I can't blame her though, I don't make jollof rice as well as Queensway restaurant. My specialty is coconut rice. But Queesnway's jollof rice takes me back to my childhood days and going to parties in Nigeria. You know that party rice. Well, if you don't know about jollof rice, I don't know how to help you, but for those of you who know, well, you know about that owambe party rice. yum!=)

And, let's not even talk about Bomboy. That one will emphatically eat anything made by someone other than me. I swear, now I am beginning to think that I can't cook at all. I even learned how to make Indian food because of these children and their high end gastronomical tastes. Did I say they are 2, 4 and 5 years in age? They love Ethiopian food, Pakistani food, Thai food, Brazilian Churascarias, Japanese Hibachi food, Mexican food (imagine my daughter asking her father for arroz con pollo?) My mother is tickled pink that her grandkids are so well versed in various global foods but can still eat eba, moin moin, and yam.

All I know is I don't think I can keep up with the foodies in my house, and the fact that my cooking skills are just not good enough, well, that one na wa. Maybe I should go take some cooking classes? Abeg, I don't have time for that. This is what happens when you have kids and don't have babysitters. You take them to all the fancy restaurants you enjoy and they develop a gastronomical palate that rivals yours very quickly. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that my cooking just doesn't cut it for my foodies, huh?

Friday, December 4, 2009


The winners of Swagevent #1 are STING & BBB. I am, however, working to get an extra copy to one more reader and hoping I can get it done in the next few hours, so please look out for the mention of an additional winner.

Both of you will be receiving a signed copy of internationally recognized and renowned Egg-Larva-Pupa-Woman written by author Ogo Ogbata.


Please send an email to me with your address using my contact form so you can receive your free book.

Thank you to all those who took the time or even considered participating in this swagevent.

Congratulations to the winners and please remember, my dear Easier fam, that swagseason is not over as Swagevent #2 begins in January. So, fashionistas, get ready! (Hint, hint)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yes, my mommy-stress level is pretty high and it made me publish this post at the wrong blog. Argh.

Anyway, as I type, water is flowing from a powder room in the living room area, down to the foyer by the front door of my home.

Why, do you ask?

Because TK decided to wash out his watercolors, and filled the sink till it overflowed.

Hence, a watery mess.

This is not the first time one of my children has caused water to flow from one floor to another. The last time, I had an entire team in here dehumidifying, cleaning, repainting and fixing. It took weeks.

Am I going to do that again?


I am getting ready for vacation. Not even the destructive elements of water can spoil my happy thoughts.

Okay, I lie. I'm not happy right now. TK is having a time out because if I catch him right now, it won't be pretty.

So, I am taking a time out, as well. Sharing the most recent child-induced stress with computer friends.

How are you guys doing? Hope you don't have any water issues at your house and that your day goes by smoothly, as the breeze.

The #SSDSWAG event ends tomorrow so if you are yet to participate, do so. The 2 winners will be announced on Friday.

Take care people! I'm off to clean up this mess.

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