Friday, June 5, 2009


Hey folks, as usual, please take the time to read the following TTTEC installment and offer your advice, suggestions, criticisms and mere comments as respectfully as possible. Something tells me that a lot of you will have something to say to this young lady.

Thanks so much.

Dear Aunty Solly:

I am a 21 years old and come from a good home with kind, loving parents. My boyfriend, Dotun, is incredible. We have been boyfriend and girlfriend for 2 years and he has told me that he wants to marry me. I really love him.

But there is a serious problem. Dotun has an uncle who is a Senator (Uncle Ted) and every time he comes to Lagos, he finds some excuse to come and visit me or he calls me on my phone. He is always giving me money and gifts from his trips. At first, I thought it was just him being a kind family member looking in on a potential daughter in law, but now, I know things are much different.

Uncle Ted invited me to lunch at one of the most expensive restaurants in Lagos. I was shopping nearby when he called and was hungry, so I thought that I might as well get to eat for free. As soon as our food was served, he began to tell me about how he likes me and that he likes the fact that I am a half-caste. He soon told me that I should forget Dotun, because he, Uncle Ted, is a Senator and can give me a house, a car, trips to London and Dubai and anything else I want.

I was so shocked at how direct he was and told him so. He laughed and brushed it off, but kept insisting. When he could see that I wasn't interested, he then switched tactic. He told me that he would give me a Range Rover Sport for my upcoming 22nd birthday. As I still did not give in, he then upped the ante. He then said he would give me the car, and N2 million up front and that all he wants in return is one night with me. At this point, I told him I had to go and when he demanded an answer, I promised that I would call him in 2 weeks with my answer.

The truth is, I really want that car and I can't help but think that for one night, maybe it would be worth it to just sleep with the man. Many people I know have done the same or worse with lots of men and they all have houses, cars and nice clothes. Plus, the guy is offering N2 million, which is a lot of money. Dotun does not have to know. I am confused and do not know what to do. Please help.

Some additional information: this reader, let's call her Eniola, truly does not believe that Dotun will find out about any indiscretion with Uncle Ted. I have reminded her that it is a possibility and asked her point blank how she thinks Dotun would feel because of the betrayal. Anyway, now, it is up to you guys to chime in on this issue.



Mojisola said...

1st!!! too sleepy to read, its 1am and my eyes are closing.

JoanPeck said...

Please, Eniola, think seriously about this. Once done you can't go back. Remember, all that glitters is not gold.
Right if right and wrong is wrong no matter how much we dress it up in our minds.
Finally, money is not everything. Please, exercise caution and make a wise decision.


shit!! do u know how to spell RUN!!!! thats what u need to do,one night isnt worth all d future headache u will have over it, blive me when i tell u dat nothing stays hidden and Dotun will eventually find out, so if u r ready to lose ur man and become d new 'runs/aristo girl' then do u, but if u come from a good home and arent ready to soil ur fathers name, then i suggest u tell d guy u r not dat sort of girl and run a mile!!

Marin said...

Is two million Naira worth not being able to hold up your head up high?
Although the possibility of Dotun finding out is higher than Eniola may think, that is not the only reason why I think she shouldn't. Once she overcomes herself and does it once, she will continue down that path - I don't believe it will be a one off thing.

Adaeze said...

Oh My God are you for REAL?
This is NOT even a question to me AT ALL. Run as far away from him as you can. There is a million reasons not to do this and only one bad reason to actually go through with it. You really want that car? Whaaaat?
With time you will learn that money and material things aren't at all what is the most important thing and you definitely shouldn't sacrifice the beautiful blessed life you have for it.
Like JoanPeck said, right is right and wrong is wrong no matter how much you sugarcoat it!
If you go through with this, it is defined as prostitution, meaning sex for material goods or money.
Is that really who you are? Are you not worth way more than a car and 2 million naira?
You say you have a wonderful boyfriend who loves you and wants to marry you. If that is so then my dear that is the greatest blessing you can ever have. 2 million naira in your pocket will soon disappear. A brand new car will one day be old. A new outfit will one day fade. Love is what lasts. Please don't sell your life cheap (because it is your life we are talking about, not just one night!) You are making a choice that you will live with for the rest of your life. It is better to work hard for yourself and get what you want rather than regret for the rest of your life for one simple descision. Even if Dotun does not find out, God is watching. If you have cheated on him, you have, even if you decide to hide it. So please dearie you are too young to get into this kind of trouble. Give yourself some chance to grow and don't go into this predators hands!

Fluffycutething said...

I actually suspect she's being set up by the family...

Even if it's not a set up she will be the loser in the transaction.

Better safe than sorry Eniola!!!!!!!!!

simeone said...

dont do it o...what is 2 million...that you will sell ur self you think you can live and marry dotun with the has a valid point..what if it's a test..
and you dont need to look at what others are doin to make this type of decision that will affect your own life..
all the best..

Jayjazzy said...

Lady Eniola, i support what everyone has said, carry ur canoe and run cos its not even worth it, i was in that same situation a while ago with a married dude, promised heavens and all and he would have been good to his word but u just dont sell urself short 4 a car and 2 mill. Yeah its good money but how long will it last.. Abeg take off oh!!

BBB said...

i cant believe we are even debating this
its his uncle for God sake and u say u want to marry him, do u think d uncle will keep quiet when marriage comes up....
how can u even consider selling ur body for money...
he says he wants u for just one night have u asked urself why u??
there are so many girls out there why is he stuck on u, what if he wants to use u for jazz he is a politician oh!!! be careful.
what if its a test, u want to risk a strong relationship for materials things later girls will be complaining that there are no good guys out there.....

Omotee! said...

babe, this isnt even a case u have to think over, run!
1. it just might be a test by the family, for all they care, u probably one of those gold digger girls, taking it is proving it.

2. N2m and a nice car isnt enough to spoil a chance at marriage, which i think u want. who says u wont be rich enough to buy that for urself?!

3. lets assume ur boyfriend wont find out (of cos thats almost impossible), wont u feel guilty? are u going to feel comfortable doing that to ur man, and on top of it all, his uncle??!!!!!

need anyone say more?!!

Akin said...


This is a matter of principle and probably morals too.

It is shame that we have shameless predatory men who think they can entice their way into inordinate sexual favours with seemingly impressionable and pliable young women.

You really want that car at 21 and how would you explain to people that with your means you got the car?

This is really beating about the bush, let us get down to the brass tacks.

If you are paid for sex, you have entered prostitution, simple - let us not get as far as labelling with professions.

This so-called one time, would never be the only time because once you succumb you will be blackmailed because he will threaten to tell your boyfriend each time he gets randy again.

Also, because he has paid for the goods he would have nothing but unprotected sex and in the situation you will never get a condom 10kms close to his member.

Then, if you fall pregnant, how much more trouble would you have created for yourself?

Then if your boyfriend finds out after the fact, he gets into a rage and probably goes to kill his uncle?

This is the time to tell your boyfriend that you are being molested, if you really love your boyfriend and want this thing to turn out right.

But, frankly, the least of your problems is your boyfriend finding out, it is the dignity you will have for yourself, your esteem and your pride when you sold your vagina for a car and money to enjoy material things.

If you are able to live with that prospect, you are a meaner woman than I.



Daydah said...

Babe! You need to go and tell Dotun straight up! I can smell a rat from where I am right now! Kai! It is not only a test from the family, the 2 million is three much money!
Then I have heard of cases where the girls 'blessings' or 'destiny' or 'prosperity' (call it what you like) is stolen because of just one night.
This is terrible - how can u want to sleep with a man because of a car? If the guys is that rich then Dotun is ok for you o! How will you explain the car to your parents and Dotun? And what is 2 million? I repeat, it is definitely a test from the family. Turn the man down flat!
But tell Dotun first. The fact you are even considering will make the guy wonder if when you are faced with the same proposition by an outsider, you will jump at it!
Kai - men!

chayoma said...

i can see that this chica is oblivious to the clear cut truth, becos some man open mouth tell am say he go give her Range Rover + #2million.
And she thinks Dotun wldn't know? how wld she explain the Range Rover?
Abd she thinks the old heifer will be satisfied with only one night?
she hasn't heard of blackmail before huh?
if she values her relationship with Dotun, she shld pick up her legs and run like the devil is at her heels......

isha said...

I had to check my calendar, it's not April Fools' right? (My bad...)

I honestly didn't think that people would actually be in a gridlock about things like this.

The fact that you're asking for advice confirms that somewhere inside you, something tells you that it's outright WRONG.

If you really love this Dotun guy, you won't even consider it. You don't do things like this to people you love, whether or not they find out about it.

How do you want to explain the source of the car to your folks? Or your friends? Or Dotun? It's really naive to think that Uncle Ted really believes that one 3-min sex-session will suffice for the car and money.

Take a minute to think about the thought that goes through your head when you come across these 'many people' who have done the same and worse. Would you want to have the same reputation?

I hope you make the wise move. You should have slapped some sense into his head or something (Screw respect; It must be earned). Like Akin said, Now is the time to tell Dotun. Cars and money will come, but it's better when there are no strings attached.

You feel me?

Scarlet said...

There is nothing hidden under the sun. Believing that Dotoun will not find out is a bit naive. One you sleep with the uncle he will always have something on you which he may use at a later stage if you guys do get married.

Another thing is that who says it will be only one night??? girl u best believe he will continue dangling more goodies to entice you
RUN!!!! RUNN!!! and keep running....

Afrobabe said...

Dotun will definitely find out but then who cares, forget Dotun, many more where he came from…

Hehehehheeh ok, I kid, I kid…The car isn't worth it love…sleep with him for the car then sleep with his friend for the maintenace and babe you become a whore!!!

juiceegal said...

This is not even an issue to be debating about,Everyone has said it all,2 million naira and a car???,is it really worth it??? ask urself that question,nobody can tell you what to do,the decision is in ur hands.
My advice: tell ur boyfriend now to avoid any problems because even if you eventually say no,the man could stil fabricate some stories,u did have lunch with him din't u???How are u gonna defend urself seeing as you did not even tell your boyfriend about the whole issue in the first place.

justdoyin said...

hmmm, Eni, as fluffy said, it may actually be a set up by Dotun's family n u know what it means if u fall for it...

Also, this is a matter of what u as a woman stand for...I believe u r a decent, self-respecting, young lady, n so should not allow the promise of cars or millions shake your moral grounds...FLEE every appearance of evil, the Bible says, n I tell u, this is the best time to do just that...

I also believe you should tell Dotun about it NOW! That way, u save urself from falling for future temptation...u can even plan with Dotun to set the uncle up, so Dotun knows u aren't lying...

Whatever you do, DON'T sleep with the senator (my foot!)...God guide u...


NoLimit said...

My dear lady...pls don't mortgage your future for a paltry amount of money...actually you're priceless and don't let anybody tell you or make you believe otherwise!!! Uncle ted is an Agbaya and he needs to be put in his place(the gutter...more like in the lagoon) need to let him off nicely. I feel you should let someone else know about this 'cos this man may want to play a fast one on you.What if it is a set-up/or a bet...that you've got a price??? I guess all I'm trying to say is pls don't do it...for your own sake and your dignity...At the long is not worth it!forget the fact that your boyfriend won't know...even if he doesn't know, you know and that is major!!!

Miss Natural said...

Everything hidden will eventually come to only have to look towards Nollywood to see that. But really, I'm suprised you can contemplate must really not love him like you say you do. this is an ultimate betrayal. Plus look around you, there are many stories like yours that have ended badly. I can't really add to what everyone has said, the fact you're even thinking about this is stooping so low. p.s N2m is really nothing , its not much today (value of Naira) and its nothing compared to what you WILL lose.
You really don't sound like a satisfied person and you're trying to justify your actions on the fact others do it. In this life it pays to be yourself, do what's right and stop going with the flow.

Dante said...

Ahn...ahn...(scratches head)
Are we actually debating this?
It depends on what you want, Eniola.
If you want to marry dotun and live the rest of your life with him..step away from his uncle and inform him of his uncle's intention..

If you want to be a runs girl/prostitute..inform dotun accordingly and then step to his uncle..

You can't have both..sorry

How did you ever think that Dotun will not know?
when you begin to drive a range rover sport?, and begin make cash rain?

If you work hard for yourself...4, 5 years you will be able to buy a more expensive car for yourself...
I wonder why you want to throw away your future..

a piece of unsolicited advice?
I wonder why you want a ranger rover sport at 21?
these are the kind of wants that lead us into temptation..I want a range rover sport too...I know a couple of older married women that can buy it for me if I agree to sleep with them..but the stress is not worth it..there can never be a one night...It will become a routine..and the senator can take everything away from you whenever he decides to. He has the power and don't.

aloted said...


just because everyone is doing something (sleeping around) does not make it right...

the fact that you are considering it shows you are not content with what you have. my dear, am sorry but that is called greediness o.

You know the right thing to do...every choice u make in life has its be ready to deal with whatever comes after the one night stand, if u choose to go ahead.

do u even know wat he wants to do with u for that one night? God knows if na one babalowo tell him to look for a young girl as part of some rituals.. (just saying)

Maybe u shld watch the movie indecent proposal..old movie but makes sense.

I won't say everything on my mind sha becauase I am sure others will articulate it very well for me.

all the best

aloted said...

last thought- what does it profit a woman to gain the world (in ur case- rover and 2 million naira) and lose your soul? my sister don't do it...even if Dotun never finds out, God is watching

~Sirius~ said...

KARMA is real!

Dotun will eventually find out.

Wait! isn't he MARRIED!!!!!!!!!

there's no FREE LUNCH OH!

Let me scare u even more:

Aren't some of these politicians invlved in certain rituals, like sleeping with young girls.

GIRL you will sell your life for 2 million and a Range- as tempting as that sounds


Be patient, your time will come.

~Sirius~ said...

Believe me- the Range Sport is the car of my dreams too, but right now- I can only admire it until I win the lottery, earn enough to buy it or get it as a gift from my family-

Don't think of just now, after 2m (you'll be amazed how little 2 million is) what next?

and you cant afford to run your range- one night turns to every night?

Or you look for another man?

UnderCover07 said...

I think everybody has it all...

Do you honestly think it's gonna be one time thing?

But regardless of that, so u think cheating on ur boyfriend is worth it bcos of 2million and a range rover?

Where will u tell Dotun the car came from?
For how long will you live with the guilt?
If you sleep with the Senate, you are indirectly giving him power over u and Dotun bcos he's gonna kip asking for more while threatening to tell Dotun.

To be honest with you, I think you know what the right thing to do is...and as hard and tempting as this might be, please do the right thing.

Omo Oba said...

This is a no-brainer. If you are that desperate for the, u can do whatever the heck u want with Mr. Ted. However, if you think Dotun is a keeper, and someone u see a possible future with, then you will be STUPID to sacrifice your future with him for money x car. Hopefully, you realize that Mr. Ted would not give you a car + 2m for a mere fling with him...EXPECT to have a long-standing affair with Mr. Ted.

I ask you to consider 1) if Mr. Ted is married and the possible ramifications of all the shyte that can go down with that. 2) Put yourself in Dotun's slippers. If he did the same thing to you, how would u feel? There are also sugar mommies out there. 3) I dont know your values etc but are u willing to be another man's sex toy for mere material-isms?

The choice is yours to make.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Pls don’t do it. Pls do not do this for whatever you think it’s worth. If you go with Dotun’s cousin, he will later bad mouth you and spoil your relationship for good. He will look for an excuse of why you are not fitted in his family.

How are you sure after your sleeping with him, you will get the car? What if he calls you a whore and throws you out? Think of all the bad things that can happen cuz of this.

Then is material thing like car more important than Dotun that you love?

Don’t be tempted. And who says you can’t get the car by yourself? Do not let this offer change who you are. It does not worth it.

Sulihp said...

i would just like to say that giving may not be the best move.
does she know if he's trying to find out if she's good enough for his nephew?
nothing can be hidden forever, and thin s like this always have a way of coming to light, especially is Dotun has been good to her.
she should make her decision based on her ability to handle the consequences, good or bad.

African Weight Loss Diva said...

There is no guarantee that hw would give her all those things after she sleeps with him. besides this is a small world. she would be shocked that dotun would find out the next day

African Weight Loss Diva said...

btw, the first time i came across your blog and saw that quote 'it was so much easier when i had one, i thought it was a guy saying it was easier when he had one girlfreind

Mojisola said...

You are walking into a trap with your eyes wide open, first of all, the offer is just what it is, too good to be true.

On the other hand, even if he were able to give you alot of things, he's a man, his ego will make him want to brag and therefore maybe not today tomorrow or next week, he will surely go tell Dotun or someone about his "accomplishments".

Its awful that you even consider the offer but, as a firm believer in personal choices; if you feel you will get all those things, and you really want them, and you feel you would still be able to hold your head up high even if Dotun (and subsequently the rest of the family) were to find out; its ultimately up to you to decide that with all that there is to risk, it is really what you want.

But I wont lie to you, if you choose to risk it and it all turns out to be a set up. . . let me stop there.

Tinu said...

pls run far and fast from uncle ted so that ur leg is touching the back of ur head!!!!!U reli dnt want to mess with 2 guys from the same family!!ur worth much more than a range rover and 2milla!!

Nice Anon said...

Chineke ekwekwala ihe ojo!

Girl, DON'T even think about it! Your future depends on it. You are worth so much more than material things. Don't even consider it at all. He will tell your boyfriend when it is time to marry you and at the end of the day he won't marry you. You will ruin everything and the Karma will follow you for life. It isn't worth it at all. Let the stupid old man go and find another toto to chop.

Akin said...

Hello again,

Let me paint 2 scenarios after reading some of the comments.

They are hypothetical scenarios but could well be reality dialogue that goes beyond Nollywood depiction.

The wording is a bit coarse, but I am putting myself in Uncle Ted's shoes and they smell, I am going to be sick.

1. Senator rubs his thing with a potion given to him by the medicine man. He is promised if he can get the most unusual lay, the medicine would be most potent.

There you are a beautiful half-caste girl with loose morals and a ready bait because of your greed.

2. Uncle Ted goes to Dotun and tells him, we have been telling you that girl is useless, I offered her a car and money and she was begging for it.

I used her and really, have used her again and she thinks you don't know and you did not believe us when we said that girl cannot be a decent wife for you.

Like I said, I can get any girl I want and dump them when I want, I would even take back the car and give to the other girl you saw in my office last week.

She cannot hold the car against me, she is trapped, the stupid girl.

If you are not screaming your story on the rooftops to Dotun the next second, you are who you have decided to become.

Regards again,


Naija Babe said...

Its funny just the other night, I was talking about a scenario like this...

My question to you is this, did anyone ever tell you that you were special? Have you ever considered what you are worth, Have you considered what your future is worth? A mere 70K, range rover...?

One night, just sex, it's nothing...all lies. Even if by some miracle the guy actually only truly wants your coochie for one night, first of all, if you even get the range rover, let me know...those girls that are living bigz lives, you have no idea what levels they have sunk to in order to get them and after they parade around in their flashy finery they still can't sleep at night. I promise you.

My sisters, enough, is enough...stop living for bag and bloody shoe! Aargh, when I see beautiful women that God has created for whole purposeful lives reduce their existence to simply opening and closing their legs, I am distraught. If women stood up and knew their worth and their responsibilities to the society at large, our society will no longer be in the state of utter decay.

I don't care how many fancy cars they drive, what fancy clothes they wear...You should know this...You were created for much more than that, clothe yourself in the ever fashionable fabric of dignity, drive the sought after vehicle of honor and live in the mansion of hope for a future. Because at the end of it all, Ikoyi mansions are ajegunle slums, Gucci means as much as a plastic bag and a range rover might as well be an old rusted bicycle...

Be well.

N.I.M.M.O said...

Nne, forget what everybody is saying here because it just dont matter. What matters is what YOU want. Its all about YOU.

Do you want to be Dotun's wife OR do you want to be Uncle Ted's whore?

You choose.

[email protected] Afrobabe but true.

Phoenix said...

I respect evreybodys opinion here but you would be surprised at wat some would actually do when put in you shoes.

At the end of the day, you do wat you want to do.The only thing we can do here is to tell you the possible outcomes of your decisions.

The way i see it, if you are really truly serious about Dotun, then you wouldnt even consider this to the extent of u asking him to give u 2 weeks to make a decision.

Do NOT even deceive urself for one minute that Dotun wont find out.

You are only human to want a fine car like that but like Afro said, u think one time and 2 million naira will be the end of it??
It only gets easier, today Dotuns uncle for range rover, tomorrow the next old rich man for fuel for said rover and on and on

And the end of the day u might see ur face in the dictionary under to whore and next to Aristo .
I really do think u need to stop and consider this might be a set up as well.

Tigeress said...

Well the question Eniola needs to answer is does she feel the lack of a car is making her suffer? Is a one nite of sex really worth her cheating on her bf? If the answer is yes, then i guess she shld go ahead but she shld not be mistaken that she will not regret it- espcially is she intends to continue the relationship with Dotun. Cos when when the time comes for them to get married- no uncle in his right sense will let his nephew marry a girl who'll sleep with anybody becos of range rover.

culturesoup said...

Actually, this is one of the easier TTTECs for me as the issue is straightforward.

Eniola, forget about Dotun for a minute. You cannot put a price on your dignity. It always is the things we desire that have the potential to trip us up. You can be certain that this will not be the only time in your life that you will have to choose between material things and something higher like your principles and self-respect. Think about the type of person you want to be before you jump into bed with 'Uncle Ted'.

Apart from him offering you money, he has made it clear that his interest in you is based on your racial heritage. This shows just how much respect he has for you and is a good indicator of the kind of treatment you can expect from him. Are you really happy to be somebody's half-caste fetish?

Finally, bringing Dotun back into the picture, i think you already know that you would not be acting with integrity towards him if you go down this route.

FFF said...

see wetin dey kill our young girls? big eye! see how d chick go don dey salivate 4 d 2 million & jeep she go get for only one night! unfortunately girl, if u go down dat road, u aint coming back. think very seriously abt wot u r being tempted to do.

Kafo said...

i don't think i need to say anything
i think all the 40+ commenters agree that u should keep your legs closed

NaijaBabe said...

Wow. This is rather surprising, that one would have to think twice to get the answer to this. We are all human, and I cant say this is the thing to do or not. Its all about you, and what you deem fit. If your relationship with Dotun is what is important to you or the things that make you materially comfortable are important, then it is up to YOU. You are the sole controller of your actions

Ms Sula said...

Poor Dotun.

Well, the reader would do what she wants to do... But she needs to weigh in what matters most. What will prevent Uncle Ted from asking more? And after the car, wouldn't she want the house? Wouldn't she want week-end trips?

I understand why it might be tempting (actually I don't understand but let's pretend I do), but why don't you just leave Dotun alone and go out with Uncle Ted? To me the Uncle Ted part is not the worst part, shidd, that's a hustle I can't knock... It's the lying and deceiving Dotun part that bothers me.

You want an Oga, there is no problem... but don't bring your unsuspecting sweet boyfriend into the mix...

And think of diseases as well... You're surely are not the first one to sleep with Uncle Ted. Use your head darling. A car breaks down and gets old... Your self-worth has no price tag.

Just my $0.02.

Sugabelly said...

"As soon as our food was served, he began to tell me about how he likes me and that he likes the fact that I am a half-caste."


If I say anything now........


If she loves her boyfriend then she needs to tell him what his Uncle did/is doing.

To avoid trouble (because powerful people can be vengeful) she should probably tell her boyfriend not to confront his Uncle but just make an understanding with her boyfriend that she will continue to be civil to his Uncle and SUBTLY BUT FIRMLY REFUSE HIS ADVANCES.

The man is going to continue to chase her but she can play this right and come out on top. Afterall there are women that have had the same man chasing them for years.

Sure go to lunch with him. Collect his money if he gives it freely (he is after all her inlaw), but never ask for anything, NEVER surrender, make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that you are engaged to his nephew and that nothing will EVER happen between you and him,tell your boyfriend EVERYTHING that you do in relation to the Uncle, and enjoy the benefits knowing you have done nothing wrong and you can hold your head high.

You never know, she might just gain a powerful ally in the end... without being unfaithful.

juiceegal said...

Lol @ sugabelly.............sugabely oya say wot u wanna say,we already know wt u wanna say tho,nobody is gonna bite u 4 it,hell that has not even stopped u in the past all love babes....x

Ms. Catwalq said...

I am mad the heiffer is contemplating this nonsense...

@Solo: I will answer your challenge on my blog but not today. Now, i have a rant-letter to Funke Akindele....

Somemadsturvs said...

Don't do it sister! 'Uncle Ted' seems like the kind of man that would kiss and be only to glad to tell. He's not going to spend all that money not to be able to brag about it.

UndaCovaSista said...

Tried to leave a comment yesterday but blogger was playing up!

It seems to me that the young lady has already made up her mind. I'm just curious as to how she intends to explain the Range Rover away to our boy, Dotun.
Yeah, good luck with that....

Waffarian said...

My dear young lady, I believe every single human being has a basic goodness within them. So first of all, I want you to know that you are a good human being. I will give you a couple of solid reasons why you should NOT sleep with the old baba.

1. You are responsible for that goodness you carry within you. Right now, somebody is working very hard to rob you of it. It is your responsibility not to allow ANY human being tarnish the beauty of your soul.

2. Two million naira is NOTHING. To sleep with an old man and his big belle and nasty penis(God knows how many young girls like you he has entered, inyamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa), my dear, are you trying to tell me your PRICE is ONLY two million naira? Even if I had to sleep with someone for money, 2 million? with car? You might as well dash him. For a senator, that is "chop" money. What he is simply telling you by offering you that money, is YOU ARE ONLY WORTH MY CHOP MONEY, YOU ARE A NOBODY.

3. You are the one that should CHOOSE who you want to sleep with and not the other way round. NOBODY chooses you. You are a young beautiful woman. You can have anybody you want.

4. Don't be in a rush. I am thirty years old so please trust me when I say at 21, the best is yet to come. There will be many more men that will come your way and all will offer you silver and gold. How many will you sleep with? Are you going to sleep with every man that promises you something? Since I was a teenager, men have been promising me one thing or the other. I know it is tough and you are tempted but this is the time for you to dig deep and find some strength in you.

5. My first reaction when I read your problem was to curse you but I see that you are young and you really need help so I really hope you take all the advice that so many people have taken the time to write, but still....


CaramelD said...


pink-satin said...

abeg am not even going to write any long epistle....mchewww..cant believe she is even giving this a she doesnt know what she should do!!!!

Funmi said...

I wish I knew this Dotun to warn him that give enough money and material things, he's lady will readily be unfaithful to him.
Imagine saying many people have done the same thing...this babe! Pls don't do it o (becos of N2 mill n a car), as it has been said already, the Uncle will blackmail her and ruin her marriage in the end.

David C Brown said...

Sometimes people ask questions when they already know the right answer!

Shubby Doo said...

I'm not going to pretend this doesn't happen in naija...if u want what your friends have...your choice is simple...sleep with him...but please don't be pretend u can have it all with dotun...

Why is this uncle not offering to buy a flat in new york or london in your name...I'm money no reach dat one abi?

Sweetie should u Choose to prostitute yourself for money...don't start by lying to yourself that is anything else but is obvious that u covet his uncle's wealth already...and sacrifice any chance you have at happiness. It will never be just one night and after uncle there will be a multitude of men that u will agree to be with for what they can offer...I'm sorry but a refuse to sugar coat this

One question... how do u intend to explain the car and the 2million naira to dotun? Even if u can what about the other people who will notice and whisper the truth in dotun's ear...

As long as u know u will not be uncle's last model... As per When a younger half caste gal comes along u will be kicked to the curb

I agree with akin that uncle will tell dotun because he wants to own u...which is why a car and 2 million naira is a cheap price for him to buy u off dotun

wordmerchant said...

Ask yourself this...........are you only worth 2million naira and a car?

Don't let greed make you lose not only a good man but your intergrity.

ibiluv said...

Eni you be long throat...moreover soon as you own the car-you own the status

2million then becomes nothing to you

not worth it.......RUN from that agbaya Uncle Ted

LASGIDI/ NY said...

1st of all my mother has always said something i have held in the palm of my finger, Ti o ba joko it okunrin kan nitori nkan ti o ro pe o le fun e , oun so fun eleda e pe oju be lo ati pe ori o le se ju be lo. Translation-
If u are with any man because of what he can give u , ur not more than that and ure telling your God u can't bring in with your own hand and hard work 10 times what the man wants to give u,

You say ur from a good home, Pls have u thot about how ur mother will feel if u smells aristo on u, the car how the hell r u gonna explain that?

Do u value ur body, ur self , ur mind, ur dignity? Becos of a Car and 2m. When u wake up in the morning and talk to your God pls what do u want to tell him? Thta God i thank you for Baba Aristo? or will u pay thithe outta that money?

As for your boy friend, When we women dont find loving men we complain, but when people like u turn them around and break their hearts nko, what will the rest of us have left. Pls a kind loving guy shouldn't be damaged for the next woman coming, abeg.

rethots said...

*struggles not to be sacastic* haba, and 'tis been discoursed.
Is Eniola 21? Well, at 21 she is a woman and is at liberty to do as she pleases.

Oh, guess she knows what she wants to do and really that is her choice.

However, what fascinates me is, the question;
"...should i do it?"
would have thot the question should have been;
"...should i tell Dotun"

Be that as it may, since 'a question' was asked, would indulge you with my answer. No, do not do it.

Nice Anon said...

[email protected] Waffarian! I have died from laughter. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha