Monday, November 3, 2008


Na wa oh! first of all, let me say thanks to all of you for the warm blogville love you sent towards TK and I over the weekend. I am slowly responding to my FaceBook messages and cathing up with the phone calls I missed, but I have to say that the kind words are humbling, especially as I do not know the majority of you guys. Thank you so very much.

Okay, on to the gist around these parts.

Come on, say it with me people! INFLUENZA!

Ehen, una do well. I spent last week, cleaning up cattarh from 3 children's nostrils and my own. It was not easy. When your baby wakes up congested in the middle of the night and crying, your heart just bleeds, you know. That happened a couple times with Bomboy who is not used to this sort of wahala. TK just did what he always does, get fussy because he feels unwell and chop his own snot whenever the opportunity presented itself , which was plenty. Ewwww!. I also spent considerable time running around trying to get some international attention for an arrested Nigerian blogger, Jonathan Elendu (thank God, he is no longer in custody. We are waiting for SSS to give him his passport so he can high tail it back to his family in the States, but now another blogger has been arrested). Oh, and I was there watching you guys vote that I needed to have a party for TK and me. 71% voted that I needed to have my own special fete. Thanks guys.

Unfortunately, due to the kids flu, I had to cancel TK's birthday party. (Abeg no curse me oh!!!) really, they were in no condition to have friends over. Can you imagine them giving their friends the flu? The hate mail I would have received from my friends and the moms of their friends would have been dangerous. Even I was in no condition to parry!

So, on TK's bday, Friday, we took him to his favorite Indian restaurant in our area, Sapphire. He ate loads of Chicken tikka, rice, naan, desert, Mango Lassi and other "assorted" meals. =P Once done, he made his way into the kitchen, where apparently, everyone knows him, and returned to the table with an armful of candy, a wide grin and the refrain "It's my brithday!!!!" The guy was too happy all day, talking to his grannies and aunts and uncles, going out, playing everywher, eating candy and sipping on "wine" (cranberry juice, lol!)

With all that, by my birthday, Saturday, I was pooped. I woke up to a lovely day however and my husband kicked me out of the house, so I went for a stroll. I spent most of my stroll talking to family in Nigeria and promising to send cake. How come, Naija folk do not understand that when you have the flu, sound congested and just want to lie down in bed, that is not the time for parties or even cake? Nobody listened to my pleas. I told people that I just wanted to rest and constantly got,

"Rest ke? Iru oshi ni yen?[1] My friend, have a last minute party o jare!"

Nigerians and the need to party under any condition! lol!

Somehow, this sentiment must have inflicted my girlfriends. My best buds convinced me to go out that evening and took me to a favorite restaurant of mine, Acadiana. I could not refuse oh! The food is scrumptious. Yum! **Licking my lips just thinking about the food** In fact, when hubby heard about the plans, he kicked me out of the house, again, insisting that I see my friends. So, off I went for dinner. The chef brought me a lovely cake with a scoop of ice cream. I was forced to make a wish and blow a candle (I cannot remember the last time I did that). We then walked over to another nearby favorite of mine, Oya, and had drinks and more desert. They have a warm bread pudding that makes me dance everytime! Again, the staff came out with my requested desert and another birthday candle. I have never had to blow that many candles in one day since I was a child, I swear!

I got home just on time to sneak some kisses on my sleeping kids and snuggle up with Husband. All in all, I think TK and I had great birthdays, but I have promised his Godmother that he will have a proper birthday party sometime in December. So, Bumight, Catwalq, Jola Naibi and who knows who else can be there, for sure! lol!

BTW, make una beg Standtall beg me oh! I know sey she dey vex, say I neva come comment on my interview. Standtall, I take God beg you, but how I go dey comment on my own interview nah? I took the time to read it and even saw the comments. I thank you greatly for taking the time to ask me some questions. Especially as Verastical had demmed that every Thursday would be Verastic day at that your blog. I know the guts it took to squeeze me in there, considering the fact that Verasstic has connections with "awon boys". I just don't know what to say other than "Thanks" to you and everyone for the kind words. Okay, abeg, my people, make una thank Standtall and everybody for me oh! This week, i have a lot of thanks to share with everyone. Funnily enough, on my birthday, I awoke and prayed,telling God thanks for the blessings in my life. I was shocked at how many when I started to think of them. I just am praying that God will send some sausage rolls my way. That is the only thing i desperately want. That, and the Speedy 40. lol!

God bless and forgive the long post. It is 2 am in the morning, I am tired and feeling loopy. =) Yes, I confess.  I have been drinking. It is was my brithday weekend, after all. Besides, I am getting ready for Novermber 4th, election day. I already have a bottle of bubbly in the fridge. Pierre Jouet Brut to be exact. If that guy with the funny name wins, I will be popping. If he loses, I will "pour some liquor" to the ancestors and then swallow the rest. hahahaha. ** laughing alone with husband looking at me funny**

Good night/good morning/have a blessed week/see you on Friday for another TTTEC instalment. Oh, I told Kehinde to chill and stop hating on Rebecca who is clearly "getting her groove back". lawl!

God bless!

Go Democrats!


Shubby Doo said...

1st...glad u and TK had a fab weekend bday w/e. Flu ke? Yuck! Hope the kids are feeling better

Shubby Doo said...

i just came back to do my dance of joy at being 1stttttttttttttttt.

*singing* shubby dubby doo bub dow dow do dubby dooby
Shubby dubby doo bub dow dow do dubby dooby
Shubby dubby doo bub dow dow do dubby dooby

wow i'm second too

Shubby Doo said...

3rd time lucky?!!!


Funms said...

im second???????????? wow........

Funms said...

Happy birthday in arrears!!!!! glad to know u had fun despite Influenza.......

NoLimit said...

Okay...first ten again(when will i ever be first??!!)...Happy birthday in arrears...I don't need to ask you apparently had a great day...thank God for the grace to enjoy life.
You must have been tired when you put the post up lol...cos it ia a "LOMG" post!!!;>))
Enjoy your day

Remi, United Kingdom said...

yaaaay made top 10, getting closer.. Glad you had a great weekend! Hope the flu is gone now.. I love your blog.. you have been nominated, check my blog.

Have an awesome week. Much lovexx

Jaycee said...

Glad u were blessed on your birthday...

All the mentions of cakes makes me wanna eat some good chocolate fudge cake...yummy!

Say NO to FLU o...and "Yes, we can" to Bammy! (lol) I can't wait for Tuesday, or can I?

FFF said...

wow. dis is long. i haven't read something so long in ur blog! well done. more grease 2 ur elbow dear. tending 2 3 sick kids + u urself. motherhood! kai! God will give us d grace.

ur birthday treat sounds so great. thank God 4 kind family & friends. am glad d husband kicked u out so u can have fun. u need o jare. so 2 d question: how old r u now? & really, wot did u wish 4 wen u blew d candle?

ShonaVixen said...

OK Shubby n Funms!!!!

Glad you had a fab birthday as i voted for some you time too!!And yup we all wait eagerly for manyana...A time for Change for

Sting said...

I can't believe i missed Tk's birthday and ur birthday. Happy belated birthday to both of u. I wish u many more year and the best life has to offer.

Hope the flu has cleared up.

aloted said...

awww..glad to hear u and TK had fun despite all the flu.

Wishing u God's favor all the days of ur life.

bumight said...

when i hear "Cake", I come running! I'm happy you guys had a great time despite the flu!

Nefertiti said...

Glad to know you had fun, despite the flu. Many more years of joy, peace and happiness BGG. We are having an Obiden parrie as well, but being the pessimist that I am, I'm scared to believe.

Omotee! said...

Mummy, sorry o! good to know the flu didnt stop u from having some fun.
takia and love to the folks.

Temite said...

Glad you both had a fabulous birthday. Please pop that bottle o, we all hope he wins, he probably will too, I mean the race does not even seem that close anymore. But what do I know.
@Standtall - ese gan o. A dupe gan. Thanks sooo musch for the interview of Aunty SS. We are very grateful.

isha said...

Lol @ TK. Glad to know he had fun. And you too. I miss my friends mehn... (sob sob).

Aww, they say my sausage rolls are one in town, if only ... Sorry ehn

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Glad you had fun despite all the catarr cleaning. Dont know how you handle it all but well done!

Jaybabe said...

Lol...i was just running my eyes thru all the post, i paused a lil where you talked about Standtall's interview on you. I donno yesterday when i red that i had a feeling those weren't your answers..lmao..but i gues she made things easier for you abih? Hahahah..i really loved it.

May i go read the post now?

Jaybabe said...

Long post in deed! Happy birthday to the two of you. sorry i missed them. Thanx for wishing Jeddah a happy birthday today when Barak becomes the USA president! Do you know that i didn't realise that till you said it?

BTW, i hope those 3 are healed now from the flu???

Thanx for passing by galfriend. Really meant a lot..

Rita said...

Happy birthday in arrears, you really enjoyed the birthday weekend with no remainder of enjoyment...the food part of your post made me hungry oh!

Despite your tiredness, u still had strength to put this post for us. Thank you.

Take care...we'll be popping our own version of Pierre Jouet Brut with you...

OluwaDee said...

In the you had a funfilled Bday & lots to be thankful for.

Standtall said...

Happy belated birthdays to you and yours. I banned all the spirit of INFLUENZA now and forever

Obama wins! He must, I want him to be there when I win my visa lottery to America

Ah, common on pple made comments that needed your comments na? Feel free to dazzle them (lol)

Vera is just Verastic. She told me not to blog till Jan, 2009. She is a commedian. (dont tell her I said that)

talesandtallies said...

hmmm... i knw that cattarh feeling that keeps my mumsy awake at nyt. pele' wit d boys... i hpe d flu goes away soon. sha sha, glad t knw your birthday went well. u neva told us how old u turned o!lol


@ Shubby Doo: lol! The kids are feeling better, thank you. I'm running on a sleep deficit however. Na wa for you oh! 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Na you biko!

@ Funms: Thanks, my sista. We all managed to enjoy our bdays even though things changed from what was expected. How you dey?

@ NoLimit: hahaha, I didn't even realize that! Oh, my! What horrible spelling. I haven't been in blogville until today and now I have to re read this post and search for all the typos. This is what drinking does, you hear kids!

@ Remi, UK: Thanks so much. I did have a great weekend. I have been nominated, ke? Cool! Thanks!

@ Jaycee: "Say NO to FLU o...and "Yes, we can" to Bammy!"

lol! Indeed!!! How body!

@ FFF: "how old r u now? & really, wot did u wish 4 wen u blew d candle?"

Ah, a lady never tells her age! And, if I tell you what i wished for, then it won't come true. haba!

I therefore plead the 5th!

@ ShonaVixen: Thanks my sista. Today is election day and I am glued to the tv. I didn't watch any tv yesterday. Was too tired. Should be interesting to see what happens tonight.

@ Sting: Thanks for the kind wishes. How are you, my fellow Scorpio sista? When's your bday anyway? Make I go reach ya side...

@ Aloted: Amin oh!!! Thank you for the kind prayer. Thank you as well for doing that post on Elendu. I added you to the list oh!

@ Bumight: lol! You like cake eh? The kids and are baking a cake tomorrow. We'll save you a piece.

@ Nefertiti: Thank you for the kind wishes. My sista, what will be, will be. Whatever the case. So, just enjoy yourself at the party.

@ Omotee: Thanks! We are all feeling much better now, thank God. How you dey?

@ Temite: Ah thank you for thanking Standtall for me oh! In fact, I need to go to her site today, as I am back on blogville. Make i go find that babe.

@ Isha: wait! you make sausage rolls? Send me some nah! PLEASEEEEEE!

@ NDQ: Thanks, love. how body?

@ Jaybabe!!!!: So good to see you back! How are things? Yes, everyone is recovered from the ghastly flu and well, all I want to do is sit back and have a wonderful day. Wish me luck. lol!

@ Rita: Yes, I managed to have a great bday! lol @ the long post. I apologize for all they typos. And they are plenty.

How nah? Must reach your side today.

@ Oluwadee: You are so right. there is plenty to be thankful for. I am thankful!

@ Standtall: Yay! you aren't mad at me. Well, if you think I need to respond, I will make my way over there today. Thanks so much for the interview!

That Verastical babe ehn, if I catch her...

@ Tales&Tallies: you should know better. A lady never tells her age!

We are all much better. I'm sure you have updated. let me go read...

Standtall said...

Aint mad at you sis. if you fink there is nothing to respond to, no problem. hope catarh don go

Writefreak said...

Glad you had fun on your birthday! You sure deserved to! And oh i read your interview on standtall's blog, i totally love your blog and admire your dedication!
Hope you and the kids have recovered from catarrh

Buttercup said...

Aww im sorry u n ur kids were ill.

Glad u had fun tho!

Gosh, u r so funny! Hehe!