Monday, December 31, 2007


The title says it all, my people! I hope that wherever you are, you are smiling and surrounded by good people. I am off to have a tall flute of champagne! Well, maybe not just one. If I can manage to get my two oldest children to sleep, I might be able to ring in the new year properly. lol!

Can you imagine, my children have refused to sleep? TE and TK are right here playing and dancing even though it is 10:30pm. They have been talking to family members in Nigeria and Europe and are convinced that for some reason, this is the night that they can play until morning comes.

I asked them if they want to sleep and TK told me "No way! Don't say that, mama!" Abeg, see me see trouble, oh! TE has even asked if she will be drinking champagne! She keeps going to the fridge to look at the bottle and tells me "Champagne is yummy, right mommy?" When I answer yes, she then smiles sweetly and says, "Can I have some?" Hahaha. So that her father can send me back to my mother's house for giving his princess alcohol. Na mugu wey dem write for my head? (Do I look stupid?)

Anyway, let me try and put these people in bed. A nearby Nigerian neighbor is having people over for drinks at 1 am. By then, I know that my house will be silent. Maybe I will go.
Could be fun. Ah, Jesus, that boy just climbed on the table and is trying to get on top of the washing machine. What is with boys and dangerous activity? Especially my boys? Even Bomboy has started to show his 'wild' side. lol!

Okay, enough rambling. I told TK to get down, he said "Okay" and once I started typing again, he resumed his climbing. This TK.

Happy New Yam!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Hey ...Easier... family,

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Remember to show appreciation to the ones you love and be thankful for the blessing of seeing another year come to a close.

TE, TK, Bomboy, Husband and I pray that your life will be abundant with joy and the mercies of the Creator. So, enjoy the season and come back here at the end of the week for another hilarious tale about these funny people I live with.


PS: The next post is extremely funny. If you thought I was embarrassed during my outing with the kids to the Department Store, wait until you discover what happened to me this week at the gym. Oh, I can only hide myself in absolute shame and embarrassment. Here are a few of the incredibly funny highlights of 2007 at the ...Easier... blog to tide you over -

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Monday, December 17, 2007


The scariest thing happened to me on Friday and who was the source of this fright? Yes, you guessed right (or simply read the post title, lol!) - The King. That boy...

Well it was Friday night around 12 midnight. I decided to come downstairs to the second floor so that I could do a few things in the kitchen before bed. By the way, let me describe my house as that will give you some perspective. I live in a 3-story townhome with a playroom on the first floor, living room and kitchen on the second and bedrooms on the third level.
Anyway, as I mentioned I went down to the second floor and all of a sudden I hear a rattling sound. For a split second, I thought I was imagining things. After all, it was after midnight and all the kids were all in bed. I could even hear Husband snoring (no, he does not snore that loud, but there is a baby monitor in our room to hear Bomboy and it picks up his sleeping sounds as well, lol!).

I stood still and listened to the sound. It sounded as if someone was trying to open a door downstairs. I shouted, "WHO IS THAT?" but got no response. The rattling sound did stop, however and the house was deadly silent. In fact, I could hear my heart thumping in my chest.

Next thing, the rattling sound started again and this time it was more aggressive and louder. My people, the fear wey catch me, eh? I was so scared so I turned on the staircase light, hoping to discourage any would-be intruders. I scanned the living room and grabbed a tennis racket . Then I picked up the cordless phone, dialed 911 but did not press the 'Talk' button. With the phone in my left hand (my finger was on the talk button to call the police, just in case) and the tennis racket in my right hand, I ventured down the stairs. I know, you are wondering why would I head downstairs - but I have 3 children sleeping upstairs and had to be the 'last line of defense to protect them nah!

Or so I thought! After a few steps, guess what I saw? TK was zipping back and for the in th e foyer on his car and he said "Hi Mama!" Apparently, TK crawled down 3 flights of stairs in the darkness in an effort to go play in the playroom. Na wa oh! There I was thinking that my children were all resting peacefully upstairs only to discover that one of them decided to enjoy his Friday night at all costs, including almost giving me a heart attack!

My people, I have never been so glad to see a would-be intruder in my life. Ask me what I would have done with a tennis racket if it really was an intruder? Thank God I didn't have to find out! I simply sat on the steps, inhaled deeply and then began laughing. My mischievous son was busy playing - honking the horn of his car and zipping back and forth in the dark playroom. Can you believe it?

We played in the playroom for an hour, and then I took him to bed, exhausted and desperate for some shut eye. I definitely had an exciting Friday night. lol!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


When I was younger, I hoped to have a son as my first child so that all my children that followed would have a big brother to take care of them. Like many other things in life, God knew better and blessed Husband and I with a daughter for our first child. I thank God constantly for my babies, but something tells me that I will forever be thankful for having a daughter as a first born!

TE is a no-nonsense Madam! When it comes to her younger brothers, she not only will report them when they step out of line, she will "whip" them into shape when necessary. I attribute this to the fact that I always put her in charge of the boys. I warn them, "Listen to your big sister, if she reports you to me, I will spank you." Whenever I do this, the boys know their sister is in charge and they understand the consequences of disobedience.

Case in point, I was at the store recently with TE and TK and they were driving in those fancy car carts they have at supermarkets nowadays. (I swear, the things they have in this country to keep parents and children happy. Amazing...).

Both of them were having a great time turning their wheels, pretending to be race car drivers when all of a sudden, TK took the illusion of being on a race track a bit too far. The boy began leaning out of the side of the car as if he was swerving on a turn, or something. He was so enrapt in his 'driving', he was squealing "Whee, Whee!"

What was I doing? Well, I was trying to figure out which bananas to get, so my attention was divided. I looked at the kids through the corner of my eyes and said, "TK! Stop that and sit down properly..." I will freely admit that my tone was not serious (again, I was busy with bananas and if you know how popular bananas are in my house, you will understand my level of concentration. LOL!). So, of course, the boy simply looked at me, said, "Okay, Mama" and continued with his naughty race car driving.

Next thing I know, my incredible daughter said with the authority and clarity of a woman way beyond her years, "TK! Will you stop that NOW!" The boy, looked at his sister and stopped his delinquent behavior. Gaging the level of her seriousness, the boy determined that like mommy, his sister was not serious. He thus smiled his mischievous smile and continued his illusion.

People, the boy had no idea how serious his sister was. The girl took her hands off the wheels and crossed her hands across her chest and said in a voice so reminiscent of mine - "TK, STOP THAT RIGHT NOW OR I WILL SPANK YOU!"

My people, the boy immediately realized that his sister was extremely serious. He put his body back in the car and with the most repentant voice I have ever heard from that child, he looked at her and said, "Yes, Mimi!" (Mimi is his name for her.)

I laughed so hard, I was bent over laughing in the fresh produce aisle of the store! An older lady was laughing as well. She pushed her cart by me and said, "I guess you have a serious helper, don't you? Probably comes in very handy?" All I could do was laugh and nod my head in reply. Can you imagine? The boy will take orders from his older sister but not from me! I'm telling you, that girl runs this house and has both her younger brothers in line!

End notes:
  • Thanks Aunty Jola Naibi for an excellent Saturday at the museum! TK and TE are now bragging about taking pictures with "Nunu" the Polar Bear, even though they were actually scared out of their mind at the time. lol!
  • Thanks Aunty Catwalq for asking about these people and TE in particular. Your husband is fine oh, He has started using the toilet. But only to pee. lol! That is probably the post for next week. And, I dey vex plenty...why efo don pass egusi as the soup of choice for iyan (pounded yam)? That, na ojoro! Good luck with exams, babe!
  • Aunty Calabar Gal, yes, last week was a hard week for blogging. My people were all congested and I just was not getting much sleep. And, I was "fighting" for my life at my other blog because of my opinions on Polygamy! Thanks for checking in on us, sha! How you dey?