Friday, September 28, 2007


Well, I have not slept much this week and thus my brain is feeling a little foggy. So, no real post about my wild life.

However, I thought I would share this silly video. It is a cartoon version of some Soulja Boy song. It features clips from 'The Lion King' - one of my favorite animation films of all time ("Mumphasa!!!!").

Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Most of you frequent readers will not find the above statement out of the ordinary. Especially if you read 'He Ate What?' (the cricket carcass incident).

Please thank my daughter for being a serious amebo (tattletale), and alerting me to her brother's naughtiness as he chomped on an acorn that somehow made its way into the play room. Due to her astute 'busy-body ability' (nosiness), I was able to catch the boy red-handed. How does e expect to chew on a hard-as-hell acorn when he only has 7 teeth? That's right, I said it! The boy only has 7 teeth! If he messes up his teeth and we take him to a dentist, they will then say that SolomonSydelle is trying to pull a Britney and have his teeth whitened or something!

E gba mi o! (Help me!)

On a serious note, Billie Paige, a frequent reader of this blog, has an exciting post you must read. It is titled

The "Political" and "Unprofessional" Afro.

Also, check out the SPEAK UP NIGERIA Project being presented by The Nigerian Lighthouse.

This is going to be a unifying event to commemorate Nigeria's 47th Independence Day and the launching of the Nigerian Lighthouse website. Simply write a message to Nigeria and send it to [email protected] by September 29th. The winner will be announced on October 1st, 2007. Your message can be short or long, funny or serious. Just express whatever comes to mind regarding Nigeria. The top 5 messages will be voted on by the online blogging community and the top pick will win a brand new IPOD NANO. You can also find out more and RSVP at the Speak Up Nigeria Facebook page.

So, get to it and join in the campaign!



Fellow Nigerian blogger, Jola Naibi, invited my family to attend a drumming and African dance session on Saturday. The whole family jumped in the car and drove 15 minutes to a nearby Bowie community, Covington.

There I had the pleasure of meeting Jola Naibi and her wonderful family. I also got to meet some of her amazing friends. Husband discovered that he needs to take African drumming classes. I realized that I have to go take some serious African dance classes! Imagine, I can no longer do the dance steps we did as children and have now discovered that the are a great exercise routine! lol!

TE and TK enjoyed jumping up and down, running around and laughing to their heart's content. The bass that accompanies most African music (regardless of national or tribal origin) encouraged TE to occassionally sway her behind from side to side. Now, she is asking for her own 'Talking Drum". Bomboy just enjoyed being carried, hitting various drums and watching every one have a great time.

Anyway, thank you Jola for the invitation! My family and I had a wonderful time!

By the way, I discovered some a Nigerian artist and would like to know our thoughts on his music. Take a listen to G.S.'s song "Where I'm From". Don't worry, although it is a rap song, it is profanity free, less than 2 minutes and if you listen very carefully to the lyrics, they are quite deep. Anyway, I liked it and thought to share.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The King is a lovely young boy. His grin can light me up under any and every circumstance. And his pout melts my heart always.

The other day, however, this boy put the fear of God in me. Let me actually back up and give you some context. Two weeks ago, TK opened the side gate in the backyard and walked up the street. Luckily, it was around 11 am, so there were few cars and also, there was a neighbor who saw the boy and brought him home to Husband who was in the street looking for him. Mehn, his father beat the shege ('hell') out of him! Well, not really, his dad is a puppy, you know, but the boy did get a solid spanking on his back side. And, where do you think the boy gets his adventurous ways from?

Anyway, last week, my first son disappeared, again. Myself and his uncle were busy searching for him only to hear something rustling in the kitchen. We tiptoed into the kitchen and heard the sound again. I honed in on the cabinets under the kitchen island.

Again, I heard that rustling sound. I yanked one door open and his uncle opened the other one. There was my son, who had caused my blood pressure to rise, sitting in the cabinet with a bag of oatmeal!!! He was hiding and eating uncooked oatmeal. Once he realized he had been caught, he smiled and handed me the bag, spilling oatmeal all over the kitchen. He climbed out of his hiding place and sauntered off to his uncle who was laughing his head off. His uncle picked him up and off they went to play. Me? I stood there dumbfounded! Thank God, I found that boy. Had his father come home while we were searching for him, the man would have begun proceedings to return me to my mother's house in Lugbe, Abuja! (Even though he has 'lost' our child in the house before, but that is another matter).

I need a leash to keep that boy from playing another disappearing act on me!

Friday, September 7, 2007


Bomboy turned 5 months old on Wednesday and we are grateful to God for His blessings! My boy can lift his head up when on his tummy, laugh with glee and do all sorts of other beautiful things.

However, Bomboy has developed a knack for something else. He loves to grab his little wiener! No, not just touch it, I mean GRAB it. Even his father begs him to let the thing go!

Anytime we change his diaper, his hands go straight to his 'johnson' and a wide smile comes to his face. Now, I know that men love their penises but, haba, the boy is still a baby. Isn't it too early to start touching himself? lol!

Oh well. I have been informed that he is a man, and will thus do what men do. Lord, help me...