Sunday, August 19, 2007


Disclaimer: Don't want to read about boobies? You don't have to! Simply catch up on posts you missed by scrolling downwards. But, you would be missing out on a hilarious tale....

My 2nd son is clearly a breast man. He cannot be around my boobs and just relax. Oh, no... he wants a booby in his mouth. And, immediately, at that! I don't mind because breastfeeding has meant
no bottles to clean and/or sterilize and no formula to buy (we have wasted a container of formula quite frankly).

Breastfeeding has also provided a wonderful opportunity to bond with my child in a way that I believe no one else will ever achieve. Absolutely, no one. Well, except for my friend Madame C.

Madame 'Kristal' and I went to law school together. The 'suffer-head' (stress) of the experience brought us close together. A fellow Nigerian sister (though her mother is American), we bonded over memories of our Nigeria and stories of our funny, and similar, family members. In fact, if it wasn't for her, I might not be married to Husband (but that is another story!). She now lives in Salt Lake City, UT and recently came to Maryland for a wedding. Once I heard she was at her brother's house, I packed up the kids into the car and drove to see her.

First thing she did was kiss the older kids, who she knew already, and then she scooped little Bomboy out of his car seat and held him to her generous bosom. I should have guessed that my son had forgotten about me because he did not cry when he went to her. He sometimes cries when an unfamiliar person carries him. This time there was not a sound. She walked around the living room with him, bouncing him and cooing to him. He sat, comfortably, with her for over an hour.

Eventually, he got hungry. He started to nibble at her chest. She laughed and said, "Ah, Bomboy! I don't have any milk for you. Time to go to your mommy."

She stood up and brought him to me. As she passed him to me, my son looked at me, and GRABBED HER BREASTS IN AN EFFORT TO REMAIN IN HER BOSOM. See me see trouble! my son, not even 4 months old, has discovered the world of larger breasts - and he likes them!!!!

After a few tries, he eventually came to me and fed. But, na wa oh! This pickin sabi show person! At his tender age, he will seemingly chose big breasts, even over his own mother, who carried him for 9 months and brought him into this world! LOL! This love for women seems to be something he picked up from his older brother, TK (if you are yet to read that story, make sure you do. Hilarity!). That one has also shown an affinity for ample bossomed women! LOL! I guess my sons are showing their true colors already.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Do you know what a 'Push' gift is? Well, it is the present given by a husband to his wife after the birth of their child. Why would a man want to give such a present? Well, I believe that every man should give a push gift as a sweet and considerate way to show his appreciation to the new mother for carrying the baby and 'popping' out the child.

My husband has never given me a Push gift. In fact, while pregnant with our 3 child a woman asked him whether I would be getting some jewelry for my "efforts". Husband looked at her and said, "I already bought her a house. What more could she want?" lol!

Despite his attitude towards this 'tradition', I have always managed to give myself a nice gift to celebrate the birth of my children. For TE's birth, I celebrated with 5 carat White Sapphire earrings. For TK's birth, I celebrated with an antique, 19th century, 5 carat White Sapphire solitaire ring.

I am yet to purchase any jewelry in commemoration of Bomboy's birth. However, I did recently buy a beautiful pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes. The amount of money I spent on these shoes can pay for a hair touch-up, a full leg wax, underarm and eyebrow wax and still leave me change to go out for sushi and sake with my girls!
Stuart <span class=
Nevertheless, I have decided that these shoes (with their 4" heels) will be part one of my push gift to myself. Now, I know some of you are thinking, is such a gift necessary. You are right to pose this question. Particularly in my case - Husband does not need to buy me anything to show his love for me or his appreciation for the fact that I birthed him 3 exquisitely beautiful and smart children. But, a girl can never get enough shoes, right? And, we can never have enough jewelry, either! lol!

BTW, hurray for me, this is post number 100.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Have you seen this video? I actually saw it on BET the other day and could not resist the temptation of sharing it.

The songwriter is actually a teacher who got sick and tired of children not expanding their horizons by failing to read and take education serious. He thus figured he would talk to them in the language they understand. Before he knew it, he had made a 'crunk' rap song with a funny video.

Now, a lot of people will question the foul language. I agree with you. It was unnecessary. I know that it is satire but I can't handle all the profanity. Nevertheless, take a look-see and tell me what you think.

Additionally, I would like to introduce a new blog - S.O.A.P. (SPEAKING OUT AGAINST PROFANITY) Blog. It is authored by Jola Naibi, who has various incredible blogs such as WHAT A COLORFUL WORLD, and LA RACONTRICE. Check it out.