Monday, July 30, 2007


Well, a few days after gardening with TE, I was upstairs with Husband, Bomboy and TE and we were laughing about something silly. Next thing, I noticed that TK was nowhere around, so I perked up my ears to see if I could hear him. When you can't hear that boy, he is most definitely getting into trouble.

I soon heard something unintelligible coming from the backyard. So, I looked out the window. Three flights down was my son digging into one of the pots - the Rosemary pot, to be exact.

I opened the window and screamed like a molue conductor. "TK, put that pot down!!!!"
The boy immediately dropped the pot. He couldn't see me or tell where I was screaming at him from but he knew, from the sound of my voice, that I was serious.

Nevertheless, he decided to test me. He picked up the pot again. "TK!!!!!! put my pot down."

I ran down three flights of stairs with Bomboy giggling in my arms (did I tell you he spends all day laughing at me and my madness?). Husband, descending the flights in front of me, warned,"Don't drop my son, oh!" I pushed him out of the way and charged downstairs.

I finally got to TK, who, AGAIN, had his little hands in my pot.
"You this boy,oya, come here let me spank you. Naughty boy!!!"

Now that TK could see me (with motherly fury in my eyes) charging towards him with his brother in my arms, his big sister screaming "Stop playing with my plants, TK!" and his father trailing behind laughing, the boy lost all composure - he spilled all the dirt on the ground!!

So, I no longer have Rosemary growing in the pot. My other plants are intact and in fact I have been plucking Basil and Chives to add to my cooking (my Pad Thai this afternoon was delicious - mwah).

I will wait for inspiration to replant the Rosemary. Actually, no, I will wait until the Thyme seeds I ordered off Ebay arrive and get back to gardening.

Wish me luck!

Friday, July 27, 2007


I just spent 20 minutes in the backyard with my daughter, The Enforcer. Mommy and daughter time is extremely precious. We planted rosemary, 'season peppers', and parsley. We also replanted basil and chives.

She enjoyed pouring the soil into the pots and placing the seeds in the soil. All I could do was smile and shower her with kisses and praise for her incredible 'green thumb'. Children just want to spend precious moments with their parents and we, their parents, are only blessed to have those times with our children. My afternoon gardening session with TE was definitely the sweetest thing....

Have a great weekend.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Hey people, a friend of mine, Chichi Enu, is a featured performer in TOKAJI: WORKS FOR THE LIVING this weekend in Washington D.C.

If you are in the area I suggest you go. More information is available at

TOKAJI: Works for the Living

The Warehouse Downtown Arts Complex

Main Stage

1021 7th St. NW Washington D.C. 20001

Friday, July 20 at 7 pm

Sunday, July 22 at noon

Saturday, July 28 at 5 pm

Sunday, July 29 at 2 pm

Tickets $15

Purchase after July 9 by credit card a or 866-811-4111

or at the door, cash only.

Presented as a part of the

2nd Annual Capital Fringe Festival,

July 19-29, 2007

P.S. - Jola Naibi, you should come!
P.P.S. - People, I am still waiting for the potty training suggestions!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'M BAAACK......

Alright ...Easier... people, I have finally returned to my home and my lovely computer. Oh, how I missed it. It is amazing how much work I have to do, but it will get done.

This weekend, several of my friends and teachers from high school (International Community School of Abidjan) are meeting in Washington D.C. for a reunion barbecue. Oh, how I wish i had both the energy and will to go. I would love to be there, but every single person in this house has the sniffles and/or a cough. Bomboy hardly slept last night. TE hacked all through the night. TK, who loves the feel of phlegm on his face, spent the night rubbing phlegm all over his face!

Sadly, I will have to wait for another opportunity to see my old friends. If any of you are reading - Love ya!

Back to the ...Easier... crew. I am about to start potty training TK. In fact, we started in Dominica. Kind of. Here is the result.
That, is a picture of TK's poop on my brother-in-law's driveway in Salisbury, Dominica! He has since managed to poop in all sorts of places. The boy gets a serious kick out of looking at his own feces. What a silly boy! Anyway, I need you to ask your momma or your grandmother, anyone about how to get my son to poop, and pee, in a potty. I am trying to get as much advise as possible.

Additionally, I was presented with a question that I am supposed to share with readers. I want to post it, but will wait to ensure that the person asking really wants everybody's advise. Sometimes you think you know how you will react to people espousing their opinions about your issues, but in reality, you might not be prepared, so I am taking precautions.


Friday, July 13, 2007


So, my family and all our bags arrived at Melville Hall Airport in the Commonwealth of Dominica at 2pm for a flight scheduled for 3pm. We were told that we could not check in because check in ended at 2pm. After being told by Marcia Jean-Baptist of American Eagle (who refused to let us talk to her supervisor) that because we used our miles we would have to hang out in Dominica until AUGUST 3RD, Husband finally managed to get us flights out of Dominica on July 17th.

That being said, I am still in Dominica. It means I can spend a few more days on the beach and eat some more Dolphin fish (yummy!). It also means I can hang out with my wonderful family and newly acquired friends. But, it also means that I am away from my home and friends whom I miss dearly. As much as I love everyone here (and I really do), I just want to go back to my house and soak in my jet tub, read a good book (The Shadow of the Wind, which I took from my lovely host, Ruth, who housed us in Barbados), sip a nice non-alcoholic drink and relax. Ahhh! I also want to hang out with my girlfriends at a good bar/lounge and talk $#*! about everything and nothing at all. I miss walking through my house buck-naked (sorry to much info) , going for a run in my neighborhood and even playing my collection of African videos at Youtube (Musique Africain at, in case you are interested) so TE, TK and I can dance to our hearts delight. I miss private, personal boo time with Husband in front of the TV watching Monk or Colombo (two of his favorite shows). Oh well, no matter how much one likes to travel, you can't ever not miss home and all that comes with it (sorry for the double negative).

Anyway, regular blogging will therefore not resume until next week sometime. But, I will continue to put up posts from time to time when the opportunity presents itself.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


3 year old Margaret Hill was kidnapped in Port Harcourt, Nigeria not too long ago and held for ransom. Her frantic mother pleaded for the release of her child and the kidnappers informed the family that they would only release Margaret in exchange for her father, a British national.

Anyway, thank God that Margaret was released today and is now home with her family. This kidnapping and a spate of other kidnappings of wealthy Nigerian children raises so many issues that I want to address. However, this is not the time. It is more important to join Margaret's family in being thankful for her life and joining together to pray for all children all over the world. Especially those that are not at home with their families today.

Take care.....

Friday, July 6, 2007


Everyone knows at least one gold digger. No, I am not talking about your friend who hopes to marry Prince Charming or the inheritor of some wealthy European dynasty. I am talking about that girl or guy you know who makes sure they go to the right places, in the right car to meet the wealthy business men and women, NBA players and music stars. I am talking about that girl or guy who plots and plans on how to 'hook' one of the rich and famous people you see on TV.

Well, tell the gold digger in your life that research has been done on the best ways to marry a billionaire. He/She can skip the Millionaires and head for the top. Why not? Tell your gold digger to get a copy of Money Magazine because in it is a scientific analysis of how to bag a rich one. If he/she is too cheap or simply broke (hence the need to marry rich) to purchase the publication, please direct them to the online article entitled, How to Marry a Billionaire.

So, here is my question. Is it actually wrong to marry rich? Traditionally, Nigerian families require a bride price and dowry - things that a poorer individual would be unable to provide, thus eliminating him from marrying a daughter. The bride price shows that the future son in law and his family can take care of the daughter. If I am right, this tradition is as old as Adam and is/was practiced in some form of the other in practically all cultures. So, again, what is wrong with wanting to marry rich and in fact, marrying rich? I'll save my comments for later.....

Thursday, July 5, 2007


That damn green passport!!!! My frustration and anger knows no bounds!!!! I previously discussed the impact of Nigerian citizenship and specifically, Nigerian passports in 'The Pride and Pain of Nigerian Citizenship'. I wrote that post to get some closure to a bad Nigerian-passport experience. Unfortunately, I had no idea that the bad times were not done yet.....

I am still in the West Indies and decided to take a trip to Tobago (the other half of Trinidad). My family and I visited a travel agent, purchased our tickets and prepared for an exciting trip to another island.

The day arrived and we made our way to the airport (we were in Barbados). After a tiring flight, (my daughter, 'The Enforcer', threw up on all of us), we finally landed in Tobago. There, we discovered, to our surprise, that unlike most other East Caribbean nations, Nigerians need visas to enter. So, there I was at the Immigrations counter, looking at the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO), thinking 'This cannot be happening... they are going to send my Nigerian behind right back on the plane. Lord, help me.'

Luckily for me, a few factors weighed in my favor and the CIO allowed me to enter his country.
  1. I was travelling with US citizens.
  2. I was staying at a reputable hotel.
  3. I didn't look 'dodgy'.
But, even more important than any of those factors was the fact that I am a U.S. green card holder. Once he was informed of my U.S. status, he promptly looked at me and said, "Okay, this will take a while, but I can get you in." He gave me a waiver that allowed me to vacation in Tobago although he held my passport.

When he called me to get my signature, I sheepishly thanked him for his assistance and said, "Sorry to have put you through all this. I know it took some work on your part."
The CIO laughed and said, "Girl, relax yourself."
He stamped a few more documents, handed me some papers and said, "Go, have a good time, okay?"

Now, I understand that I should not have relied on my travel agent's 'knowledge' as to whether or not Nigerians need visas to visit Trinidad and Tobago. I should have done the research myself. This will never happen to me again. That being said, being that Yardy is taking his sweet time in revealing who will have key government positions, I would like to suggest the need for some serious bi-lateral agreements that will allow Nigerians to travel a lot more freely. He needs to create a post for an individual to go around the world and make life easier for those of us Nigerians that want to travel using our Nigerian passports. It is a shame that my American green card (God bless America) made the difference in getting me into Tobago. Thank God, the CIO was a nice person and thought of a way to get around the rules. It would have been an incredible shame to have hopped on a flight right out of Tobago. It just so happened to be a beautiful country with warm, wonderful people. I would have missed out on a nice experience on account of that damn green passport.

Monday, July 2, 2007


I stopped by Beauty in Baltimore's blog and discovered another blog which focuses on the constant harassment of women in DC by men. I must commend the blog owner for focusing on an issue that most women who have spent any amount of time in DC can attest to.

When I first moved to DC, my mother was hesitant to leave me there because in her words "The men are too aggressive." My poor mother had no idea about how disgustingly desperate and inappropriate DC men can be. Many of them have no shame and will say the foulest things that comes to mind to get a woman's attention.

Some of you guys will challenge that we women like the compliments. You are right. We are all narcissists and enjoy knowing that someone appreciates our beauty. However, in no way shape or form do we appreciate useless boys and men talking to us in a disparaging, condescending and outrageous manner. Case in point, I was leaving work (dressed very well as I worked as a lawyer in a law firm so, no, I was not walking around in poom poom shorts, not that that should matter), and these 3 young boys (not older than 18) started with me.

"Hey, you. I'm talking to you, bitch..."

I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around and said "Do not even begin to mess with me."
The idiots looked like sheep and turned in the opposite direction.

Now, what did I do to be called a "Bitch"? I don't know those young men from Adam, yet they still managed to be disrespectful. Those silly music videos are partly to blame.

I once had a creepy guy stand behind me and ask, "Have you ever been bitten?"

That's supposed to be a come-on? Yeah, right!

There are obviously gentlemen in DC who approach you with class and respect. I once walked past a guy who turned around, came back and said, "Miss, I just wanted to let you know I love the way you walk. Very sexy."

He then walked off. No lie, I felt like the ish for the rest of the day. You notice he didn't ask for my number? Had I been single and looking, I would have asked for his name, number and invited him out for a drink.

Anyway, here is a link to the blog that started my late night ramblings. Oh and by the way, I appreciate all the decent men that still know how to compliment a woman without making her feel that she needs to go have a bath. And women, you MUST stop talking to idiots that have no idea how to respect you. That is part of the reason why these fools keep up the madness - BECAUSE IT WORKS ON SOME USELESS WOMEN. Mothers, raise your daughters to have dignity and self respect. Fathers, teach your son that to truly have game they must know how to make a woman want them, not despise thema nd shock them into a confrontation.