Monday, May 14, 2007


All three of my children have Godmothers. As for Godfathers - well, that was Husband's responsibility and let's just say he hasn't quite lived up to it. lol!

Anyway, the 3 Godmothers were very essential during my pregnancy and on d-day (delivery day) as they ran shifts at the hospital looking after TK and TE and keeping them entertained while Husband and I were off having a baby.

So, as mother's day just came and went in the U.S., I was trying to figure out what to do to show the G-mamas my appreciation. And, that's when it came to me - Godmother's Day! Consequently, I have officially ordained the first Saturday after Mother's Day as Godmother's day. It's a day to show your appreciation for the Godmother's of your children. I plan on celebrating it every year.

This year, I am taking the 3 G-mamas out to brunch somewhere in the D.C. metropolitan area. I personally would love to take them to Perry's for their Drag Queen brunch on Sundays. (If you don't know about this, then you better ask somebody ....). But, I have asked the ladies to figure out a place. Perry's is kind of pricey but the ladies definitely deserve the best considering how well they took care of me and the kids over the year. Therefore, price will not be a consideration. Um...kind of.

So, are you a Godmother or do you have a Godmother for your kids? Have any plans to show some appreciation to them or am I just a sucker for holidays? Let me know ....


racquelle-cutie said...

i ain't got no kids nor am i married but i feel you with the taking care of your kids stuff


Yeah, it is nice to show your appreciation from time to time, shebi? I stopped by your blog, warra hell are you people up to in Dubai!

Will go bakc to leave comments. Make sure you stop by here and/or my other blog NIGERIAN CURIOSITY.


BilliePaige said...

Thanks for the godmother's treat. I had a fabulous time.