Friday, December 22, 2006

'STUPIDEST' QUOTE OF THE DAY - December 23, 2006

Just thought I'd compose and share some of the funniest and yes, 'stupidest' things I've heard, ever. This takes the top prize, I love it!!!!

1. "[T]aking money out of her big fat ass would be probably something that was very easy ..." - Donald trump


Remember that song by Sugar Ray "Every Morning"? Couldn't help thinking that it should be the title of this initial blog. Sort of a reflection of my beginning, and by that I mean my daily beginning. (We'll get to that later.) Forgive me, let me introduce myself, well, sort of anyway. You may call me Solomon Sydelle. Despite the masculine first name, I am a woman and the mother of 2 children . Make that 2.5 children (I'm preggers with baby #3). I am a former lawyer, married to an executive that runs around cleaning my house in suburbia, changing loads of diapers, watching 'Sesame Street' or 'The Berenstain Bears' or some other type of children's programming ad nauseam.

Please, don't think I am complaining about my 'situation'. I am not, or at least 'complaining' would not be the most appropriate word to explain my feelings. I am happy to be blessed with my family and love each and every person in my life - I'm one of those people that doesn't have a lot of friends, but has a good number of acquaintances and maintains them all as well as I can. Nevertheless, I, like probably every other mother around the entire world (and maybe even the entire universe/galaxy, whichever is bigger), am exhausted. So, this shall be my outlet and hopefully you'll come along for the hysterical ride.

So, back to "Every morning when I wake up ...." Let me clue you in. My morning begins with a dull thumping sound that gradually becomes louder and more distinct. This sound is immediately followed up by a "bang" and more thumping. This is my 2 and half year old daughter who we shall call "The Enforcer" running from her bedroom, slamming my bedroom door open and then jumping into my bed to snuggle with me and check to see if I am finally awake. If I ignore her, she hilariously twists and turns and takes as much of the comforter away from me as possible so she can begin her games on her tired mommy. My response? "Good morning, sweety. Stay in mommy's bed. I'll be right back." I then get up, and walk a flew flights downstairs and curl up on the sofa to get myself together and plan out what our day is going to be. Happened this morning. Only thing I did differently is that instead of lying in a fetal position on the sofa, I grabbed a container of 'Ajax' powdered bleach, came down to the first level of our home and began to clean the guest bathroom. (Oh, just so you know, I do chores in order to clear my head and get some quiet time from my kids. Strange, I know.)

Well, that's all for now, as my 1 year old son, call him "The King" is awake and taunting his sister. Meaning, I have to go up 2 flights of stairs to calm everyone down and bring them both to the kitchen for a hearty breakfast of ham and cheese omelettes, oatmeal, orange juice, milk and sliced apples. Yummy for them, exhausting for me. Check you later!